This is only for dragons who have reached lvl 20+ in a character and/or dragon class.

Every level requires 500.000 xp.

Every level adds:
+1 natural AC
+1 hit
+1 dmg on natural attacks
+1% spell penetration
+2% MR
DR +1/All
SR +1/All
+1 level in exisiting spellcaster class
+1d12 hp (no con bonus)

(WP, NWP and Feat progression continues as normal)

Lvl Abilities
21 Natural Attacks are considered Epic when it comes to overcoming DR
25 +1 Age Category
30 +1 Age Category
35 +1 Age Category
40 +1 Age Category
45 +1 Age Category
50 +1 Age Category

Age Category:
The dragon’s powers and size increases until Age Category 12, according to the AD&D MM. Epic Dragon levels speed up the time it takes to reach new age categories. Once a dragon reches age category 12, it will start gaining Virtual Age Categories by advancing as Epic Dragon. Each Virtual Age Category adds the following:
+1 size category (until colossal)
+2 dice on Breath Weapon damage
+15 feet Fear Radius
+1 DC on save vs Fear
+12 Fly Speed
+1 STR (max 25)
+1 CON (max 25)
+1 INT/WIS/CHA pr. 2 virtual age categories (max 25)

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