Behemoth is a demigod under Chaozalem, ruler of the 1st layer of Hell. After being summoned by a member of the  Shadow Council (who had been imprisoned at the Technocrat headquarter), Behemoth was trapped and used by the Technocrats in their experiments with trying to breed demons with humans. The only two successfull offspring produced were the brothers Melchar and Borghard. Borghard later died and Melchar’s soul was destroyed by the evil Anthrax Picard, who used it to obtain Demilich status.

Behemoth was freed from imprisonment when Melchar, Anthrax and their companions stormed the Tecnhocrat HQ in an attempt to save Melchar’s mother. The mother, however, was too ruined after her experiences, so Melchar decided to give her the rest she so desperately needed – and killed her. Behemoth, thankful for his release, offered great gifts to the adventurers, and some of them accepted his offerings. Anthrax even sold his soul in return for mighty powers.

Some time later, the adventurers learned that Behemoth had started summoning a demon army in order to relesae his master, Chaozalem from Cloudhaven, a flying prison where the necromancer Sauron was being held. Sauron had previously tricked Chaozalem into manifesting inside his own body, and managed to trap him there. The adventurers gathered aid from the mightiest people they knew around the world and assaulted Behemoth and his minions, slaying Behemoeth almost instantly, since he was still rather weak.

But Behemoth had made some precautions, and instead of being sent back to Hell, his spirit stayed in his throne, waiting to manifest itself into whomever was foolish enough to sit on it. Haru, the golden emperor, decided to take the throne from safekeeping, but it disappeared and later reappeared in the tower of Anthrax Picard – where Anthrax decided to release the demon. Another of those who had helped deal with Behemoth, Balthazar Ilvatu, later orchestrated the invasion and subsequent release of Sauron/Chaozalem. The flying prison Cloudhaven was then seized and is now run by a former prisoner, Angerbast, while the previous warden, Dervious (an ancient blue dragon) barely escaped.

After Chaozalem was freed, Behemoth joined him and is helping him build another demon army, this time in order to wage war upon the whole planet. What Behemoth doesn’t know, however, is that it isn’t Chaozalem which is in control of the entity, but rather Sauron…..


Behemoth, 64 HD Paragon Famine Spirit, level 14 Demigod

STR 26
DEX 28
CON 30
INT 26
WIS 28
CHA 26

Size: Medium
HD: 64d12 (22.400 hp)
Initiative: +12
Speed: 72
AC: 161 (natural AC: 137)
Hit: +211
#: 3
Bite: (2d6+52)X10/9-20/vorpal bite
Claws: (1d6+51)X10
Special Attacks: Aura of Pain, vorpal bite

Feats: Cleave, Combat Expertise, Great Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (Bite), Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Attack (Bite), Improved Trip, Multiattack, Power Attack, Sunder, Improved Toughness
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Free Action: Greater dispelling (X3 daily), Haste (X3 daily), See Invisibility (X3 daily)
SR: Fire 124, Cold 124 & 114/All
DR: 134/+6 & 114/All
Saves: +45
MR: 320%

Fast Healing 20
See invisibility
Darkvision 60 feet
Caster level 49
14d100X10 followers
Aura of Pain (Su): 60 feet Symbol of Pain (DC 41)
Vorpal Bite (Ex): Bites the head off a Large or smaller opponent on a critical hit
Create Spawn (Su): Slain opponents rise as Famine Spirits after 1d3 days unless a protection from evil spell is cast upon the corpse in time.
Ethereal Jaunt (Su): Produce ethereal jaunt effect 3 times a day as lvl 35 magic user
Soul Binding Contracts (Ex): Can make deals with sentient beings in return for their soul
3 WPs
Teleport Without Error at will & Planeshift without error at will
Ignore any immunities of creatures up to 39 HD/lvl
Your magic works in anti-magic zones & Dead Magic Zones
Sense everything within 1k of self or any follower, holy objects or shrines
Comprehend and communicate in any language
Grant lvl 1 Low Power to followers, lvl 5 medium power to followers, lvl 9 High Power to followers
Create Signature Weapon, Avatar, signature Armor
Locate any object or creature on same plane (except artifacts, relics, epic characters and epic monsters)
Communicat: through Avatar
Kill any 9 HD/lvl creature on same plane at will
Shapeshift into any 30 HD monster at will
Grant abilities/changes/etc. to any being (pretty powerful)

Demigod Powers:
+100 natural AC
Immune to Critical Hits
Immune to non-epic spells
All dmgX10
+100 hit
+100% MR
+100 DR/All
+100 SR/All
+10 crit range
Bypass critical immunity up to and including Demigods
Ability to cast Ancient Curse unlimtited times daily as a standard action
Ability to cast Miracle unlimited times daily as a standard action
+2 standard actions

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