On rare occasions, dragons mate with other creatures. The result, if any, is a Half Dragon. Even though Half Dragons mature quickly, they also have a short life span. One year after the half dragon is born, it has reached the equivalent of a 15 year old human. And after 10 more years (with the physical characteristics of a 26 year old) they die. Without exception. The only half dragon which has been known to avoid this demise, is the infamous son of Zarovich, the Dragon Rider Strahd von Zarovich. However, there has been at least one more half dragon which has been able to prolong his lifespan, although his identity is a well kept secret (as well as how he managed to accomplish this feat).

Half Dragons are born with the following abilities:

All HD are d12
+1 hit pr. lvl/HD
30 feet Darkvision
Low-Light Vision
Large and bigger creatures grow wings and fly at twice land speed
+1 natural AC pr. lvl/HD
Breath Weapon half the size of parent dragon which deals 6d8 dmg (otherwise same characteristics, damamge type etc.)
Same immunities as parent dragon
+4 STR
+3 DEX
+2 CON
+1 INT

In addition, their draconic heritage will manifest itself physically in one of several ways:

Scales: +1 natural AC every year
Claws: +1d4 dmg on natural attacks
Bite: +1d8 dmg on bite
Birthmark shaped as a dragon: Able to cast same spells as parent dragon
Same colour eyes as skin of dragon: +1% MR every year
Tail: +1 Initiative every year
Horns: Immune to Critical Hits

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