The giants of Niflheim once lived in a castle of ice and snow until the death knight Lord Ragnar arrived and imprisoned their king while chasing the giants away. But some years ago, the king was released by some adventurers who defeated Lord Ragner and allowed him to join them in their exploits for a while. Later on, the adventurers also rediscovered the secret of the Niflheim Giants: Their axes and their assignments as Protector of the Gate.

+7 STR
-1 DEX
+4 CON
-2 INT
-2 CHA

HD: All hp dice are d20
Size: Large
Movement 15, Burrow 3 in snow
Low-Light Vision
Languages: Giant
Axe Throwing: Can throw their special 2H axe 10 feet pr. STR
Missile Catching: Can catch any missile up to Huge size on a successful DEC check (DC 25)
Move Without Trace in snow

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