Rogue Class

any alignment

Dex 14
Int 17
Wis 17
Cha 15

Bonus NWP:

Hindrances: Vulnerable to Divine Magic (saves and resistances are halved vs divine magic and divine magic damage is doubled if a save fails).

1: Mage Fiend (Ex): +1 to hit and dmg pr lvl against Arcane Magic Users (AMU)
2: Natural Reflector (Su): 10% chance pr. 2 lvls to reflect any targeted arcane spell back at caster
3: Magic Evasion (Ex): Improved Evasion vs all AoE arcane spells and spell-like abilities
4: Magic Resistance (Ex): 20% MR (vs arcane magic) pr. 4 lvls
5: Supernatural Resistance (Ex): 5 SR pr. 5 lvls (SR:dmg reduction vs “spell-/magical damage”)
6: Banishment (Su): Any hit against a creature summoned by arcane magic has a 1% chance pr dmg dealt to force it back to its own plane of existence (this includes Bigby’s hands, mordenkainen’s Sword and other objectlike “creatures”)
7: Interruptor (Ex): If any AMU tries to cast a spell in a square you threathen, you get an automatic AoO. Chance to interrupt spell: 1% pr. dmg dealt. Interrupted spells are lost.
8: Soft Skin (Su): Ignore Stone Skin
9: There is no time (Su): Immune to Time Stop effects (whenever someone stops time, the Wizardslayer is immune).
10: Spectral Strike (Su): All attacks by a Wizardslayer are treated as having the Ghost Touch effect.
11: Dimensional Anchor (Su): 30 feet aura which prevents others from getting out or in by magical means.
12: Feeblemind (Sp): On any natural 20 on melee/ranged attacks, an AMU must save vs Wisdom DC 10+Wizardslayer lvl or be Feebleminded (as the lvl 5 wiz spell). Spell resistence does not apply, since it is the effect of the blow which causes the brain to overload..
13: Overcome Damage Reduction (Ex): Ignore any damage reduction of AMUs
14: Overcome Protection (Ex): Ignore any requirements to hit AMUs (like needing +2 to hit etc.)
15: Speedy (Ex): Triple Base Movement, +5 initiative
16: Affirmative Action (Ex): +1 standard action.
17: Critical Striker (Ex): Able to critically strike AMUs who are immune to critical strikes.
18: Dispelling Hands (Su): The following effects will instantly be removed (no roll/check needed) if the Wizardslayer places his hands on the object/creature/effect (standard action): Charm Person, Hold Portal, Lock (Knock reversed) Leomund’s Trap, Wizard Lock, Hold Person, Charm Monster, Wall of Ice, Feeblemind, Hold Monster, Wall of Force (but not iron/stone/fire/etc), Flesh to Stone, Forcecage, Power Word Stun, Statue, Symbol, Prismatic Wall/Sphere and Shapechange.
19: Vorpal Strike (Ex): Beheads AMUs with any slashing weapon on a natural roll of 20.
20: Hide in plain sight at will (Ex): (can use HS/MS whenever, which opens up for a lot of backstabbing)

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