Although the treasures of the hidden library in the wild world were sealed away inside transparent vaults of the black metal, a party of mighty characters figured out how they could possibly open all forty vault boxes. But even demigods, demigod ascendants and epic characters are sometimes hindered by the puzzles which must be solved in order for the boxes to open. So while taking a break from the treasure seeking, they managed to set off the alarm system which triggered 72 gold golems into action. And while the battle was about to ensue, the contents of 40 boxes glimmered at the adventurers:

1 Epic potion: +1d6 random ability, but lowering 1d3 random ability
2 Epic potion: Improved Fishman
3 *Book: Sharktaming, 2700 pages. Takes 27 days to learn
4 Epic Potion: Lingering Life
5 Epic Tome: Sprinter. Once a day, able to move 10 times your normal speed for one turn (instead of 4).
6 Epic Tome: Disciple of the Sun. Your spells deal double damage (calculate your damage, add bonuses etc., then double it) during the day, but half damage at night. A day lasts from 12:00 to 23:59.
7 Epic Tome: Disciple of the Moon. Opposite from Disciple of the Sun.
8 **Epic Tome: Natural Healer
9 Shirt: Artifact. Impervious to piercing damage.
10 Shirt: Artifact. Impervious to slashing damage.
11 Shirt: Artifact. Impervious to bludgeoning damage.
12 Shirt: Artifact. Half damage from impact/crushing damage.
13 Epic Potion: Wild Green Potion
14 A book about the Stargate
15 Epic Tome: Wild World Survival. Take half damage from all creatures native to the wild world.
16 ***White Crown: Artifact. If Good, +10 hit/dmg/AC, cast one epic spell daily, +5 cha, receive double damage from Evil alignment.
17 Epic Potion: Flaming Red Potion
18 Epic Scroll: Single use. Wild World Mass Teleport Without Error
19 Epic Tome: Wild Dancer Fighting Style. Evasion (DC 40) vs natural attacks from all creatures larger than you.
20 Epic Scroll: Single use. Wild World Heal
21 ****Epic Scroll: Single use. Permanent Alteration
22 Interactive map of the Wild World, displaying the current location of all present demigods
23 A baby cat people in a huge jar. It looks to be 1 day old and alive.
24 ?Grail of the Demigods.
25 ***Green Crown: Artifact. If Neutral, +10 hit/dmg/AC cast one epic spell daily, +5 cha, receive double damage from Neutral alignment
26 Epic Oil: Oil of Armor
27 Epic Potion: Scent
28 ??Guide to Training Smilidons
29 Epic Scroll: Single use. Wild World Resurrection
30 ???300 boks
31 Epic Oil: Oil of Toughness
32 Epic Oil: Oil of Prowess
33 Epic Potion: Improved Spider Climb
34 ????Ring of the Demigods
35 #10 eggs in glass containers
36 ***Black Crown: Artifact. If Evil, +10 hit/dmg/AC cast one epic spell daily, +5 cha, receive double damage from Good alignment
37 ##Epic Scroll: single use. Roar of the Wild
38 ###Artifact: Black Smilidon Armor
39 Epic Oil: Evasive Oil
40 Gauntlets: Artifact. Your hands (but not your weapons) pass through armor, but your damage is halved. No miss chance and double (double of normal, not double of half) damage against incorporeal/ethereal creatures.

All Epic Tomes take 28 consecutive days of reading to learn, but can be reused by someone else afterwards.
*Proficiency: Sharktaming (Cha 30), Able to tame and ride any shark with a successful proficiency check
**All your healing/regen/etc. abilities/proficiencies etc. are doubled. Your healing spells can be casted freely, with no need for memorization/meditation/whatever. They also do not occupy spell slots, and you can cast them unlimited times daily (this also enables your healing/regen/etc. to work in the wild world). Do note, however, that ALL your damage output is halved.
***These crowns cannot be removed. Other effects invoked while wearing them are:
Reroll any one die every playing session, choose best result [Ex]
Opponents of lesser lvl/HD must succeed an opposed CHA check or be unable to attack you [Ex]
The +5 CHA can exceed 25.
****Sacrifice X hit&AC to gain 2X dmg, or X hit&dmg for 2X AC or X dmg&AC for 2X hit
?Requires two hands to use. If you drink from this ever filling grail, you get the effects of a Miracle spell, a Heal spell, Heros Feast and 24 hour Bless. And for the next hour, you gain +1d6 to all stats (roll once, the result counts for all stats). You can only drink from the grail once a day. Every tme you drink from it, you must succeed a DC 30 CON check or lose 1d3 random stat permanently.
??1800 pages. Takes 18 days to learn. Smilidon Training NWP (CHA 35). Proficiency check to befriend a Smilidon (can have a maximum of 1 Smilidon companion pr. 10 CHA). Each Smilidon can learn 1d6 tricks.
???A collection on creating intelligent, trainable, Huge sized Tyrannosaurus Rex. Each book is 300 pages long. It takes 900 days to read all the books and an INT check DC 50 is needed to learn how to create these dinosaurs. But you also need a lab suited for creature creation to do this.
????This ring has 10 settings, and you must pick one which applies to you. This setting cannot be changed:
1 Immune to critical hits
2 Immune to non-epic spells
3 Immune to non-epic weapons
4 Immune to natural attacks and natural/magical abilities of non-demigods
5 Immune to all natural and magical (non-epic) diseases and curses
6 Immune to all poisons
7 Triple base movement
8 Bypass critical immunity up to and including demigods
9 Immune to all non-magical energy damage
10 Immune to all damage and effects caused by one chosen non-demigod individual
At the beginning of every playing session, the DM rolls a d100. There is a cumulative 1% chance that you have lost the ring before the session starts. If you lose the ring, you will never find it again. If someone else finds it, you can never own it, regardless. Also, once you lose it, you also lose the ability you gained from it, along with 2d6 random ability score.
#These eggs are dinosaur eggs, ready to hatch. Once hatched, they will take 1 year to grow to adult, Huge size. They are trainable, intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rex, 5 of each sex.
##Permanent effect. Roar as a free action [Ex]: All friendlies within 5 feet pr. lvl gain +5 hit/dmg
###The armor is created from the black metal: +50 AC, +50 DR/All, +50 hit, +50 dmg, +100% MR, double base movement

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