Multiclass Fighter/Priest Class

any alignment, cannot turn or control undead

Int 16
Wis 17

Required NWP: Necrology

Bonus: Free specialization with weapon of choice. Continued specialization as warrior with weapon of choice.

Major spheres: All, Healing, Sun
Minor spheres:
Divination, Protection

Lvl Abilities
1: Favoured enemy Undead (Ex): +4 hit/dmg/AC/saves vs undeads, Spell Resistance (5% MR vs undeads pr. lvl)
2: Immune to Diseases and Curses by undeads
3: Immune to Paralyzing and Stunning attacks by undeads
4: Immune to lvl- and abilitydrains by undeads
5: Immune to Mind and Soulaffecting attacks by undeads
6: Spell Penetration vs Undeads (+10%)
7: Immune to Fear
8: Immune to Negative energy attacks by undeads
9: Immune to critical hits by undeads
10: Immune to Death-effects by undeads
11: Holy Hunter! (Su) Undeads within 10 feet cannot cast spells or use supernatural abilites. All enchantments cast on undead are dormant while within the Holy Hunter zone.
12: Cast Holy Smite 3 times a day
13: Greater Spell Penetration vs Undeads (+10%)
14: Smite Evil (gain cha modifer to hit and undead hunter level to dmg 3 times a day against undeads)
15: Force Assault (Ex): (standard action) If successful melee strike, undead’s spellike and supernatural abilites are dormant for 1d3 rounds
16: Truestrike: Cast Truestrike as a Free action 3 times a day as long as the next attack is against an undead.
17: Good luck! Reroll any d20 once a day if the result was not favourable. Pick the most favourable result afterwards.
18: Massive Spell Penetration vs Undeads (+10%)
19: Excellent aim (Ex): Your hit against an undead opponent increases by 4 for every strike as long as you stay on the same target.
20: Disruptor! (Su): All natural attacks and weapons wielded by the undead hunter act as Mace of Disruption.

The downside:
Due to the nature of your experiences, your enemies, your knowledge, research and encounters, you physically and mentally age 1 year for every level gained. This aging takes effect even for those immune to aging and negative effects of aging. Every time you gain a level, you must in addition save vs death DC 10+lvl to avoid aging another 5 years (this extra aging also effects those previously mentioned). Also, every time you gain a level, you must do a sanity check (wis+int+d20) DC 35+lvl. Success does nothing, but failure reduces your cha permanently by 1 (affects those immunte to ability drains and if you have an item which gives you for example cha 18, then your charisma is 17 if you have lost 1 cha permanently).

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