Rogue Class

Minimum Requirements:
Dex 16
Int 10
Wis 10

Personal weapon: Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Short bow, Long bow or Arquebus
Other weapons allowed: Small melee weapons – knife, dagger etc.

Secondary skill: Bowyer/Fletcher

Bonus NWP: Observation, Throwing/Shooting


Personal Weapon
-Hit advancement as warrior with personal weapon
-Dmg is one die category higher
-Weapon is of excellent quality (+1,+1)
-Prepared arrows deal +1 dmg

Benefits are gained from the personal weapon.
It takes 1 month to manufacure a new personal weapon if the former is lost, and costs to make one are 20 times listed price (the making of a personal weapon is to be roleplayed as a questlike task)


Sniper Shot

Full Round Action
Backstab bonus applies
-8 hit penalty
May add the following wisdom bonus to reduce the hit penalty:
Wis 15: +1
Wis 16: +2
Wis 17: +3
Wis 18: +4
Range is increased by 5% pr. level
Target must be observed and aimed at for at least 2 rounds before firing each shot.
For each turn target is observed in advance, the hit penalty is reduced by 1 (note that you cannot get a hit bonus no matter how long you wait or how high your wisdom is)

One man firing squad:

Full Round Action
-4 hit penalty
Double rate of fire for Con/3 rounds (round up)
Have to wait 3 turns -CON rounds to repeat

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