Hidden in an underground chamber with no evident entrance or exit, a humongous artifact tome was placed on a pedestal in the middle of the room. An adventuring party stumbled upon the chamber when one of them was dragged into an underlying and broken aquarium by a fleeing monster whose intentions were to devour said adventurer as an early snack. The poor svirfneblin was saved and the treasures of the chamber above were up for grabs. Waiting for no one, the demigod of the party, the mighty necromancer Anthrax, approached the tome, opened it and begun his studies.

The Codex of the Demigods is 1,5m tall, 1m wide (2m in opened condition) and 0,5m thick. If you try to open it, it will annihilate you unless you succeed a DC 30 INT check. In any event, you still take 1d20X20 damage. None of these effects can be reduces or affected in any way. Should you survive this, the Codex has deemed you worthy of reading the pages within.

Once you start reading, you need a successful Spellcraft check DC 60 each day. If you succeeed, you gain a new poer that day. If you fail the check, the day is spent reading with no effect. However, you must also make a WIS check DC 20 (+1 pr. additional day spent reading) every day or go insane (yet another unavoidable effect of using this artifact). In order to cure this insanity, someone must cast a Miracle spell on you. But your WIS will be permanently lowered by 1d10 afterwards.

Every day you learn a new power, the DM rolls a d20 and grants you a power from this table:

1    +1 STR
2    +1 CON
3    +1 DEX
4    +1 INT
5    +1 WIS
6    +1 CHA
7    +1 epic feat
8    +1 NWP
9    +1 WP
10    +5 hit
11    +5 physical damage
12    +30% MR
13    +30% spell penetration
14    +30 HP
15    +10 natural AC
16    +10 DR/All
17    +10 SR/All
18    +10 Fast Healing*
19    +5 Regeneration*
20    +1 Epic Spell daily**

*This ability works in the Wild World
**Choose 1 spell. This is a permanent choice and the spell cannot be replaced. You may choose a spell you do not already know.

After learning 20 powers, you will lose 1d6 random ability score pr. additional power gained

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