Queen Tigra of the wild world rested undisturbed in her chambers for 12.000 years until some adventurers made their way inside and woke up her golden hydra golem protector. After finishing off the protector, they proceeded to undress and loot the mumified corpse of the once glorious queen. Happily, they ventured on after distributing her personal belongings amongst themselves. Little did they know that they had picked up something else there, too…..

Dinosaur Hide Armor:
+ 30 AC (Ex)
DR 20/All (Ex)
+5 enchantment bonus to AC (Su) (grants a total of +35 AV)

Dinosaur Bone Bow:
Strength Bow (Ex)
Double Range (Ex)
Arrows fired deal double damage (on the die roll) (Ex)
Unbreakable (Ex)
+5 enchantment bonus to hit and damage (Su)

Dinosaur Arrows:
1d12 damage (Ex)
Ignore Stoneskin (Ex)
Unbreakable (Ex)
Target is Slowed when hit (as per spell, saves/MR apply) (Sp)

Dinosaur Hide Quiver:
24 arrows
Enchanted to return to the Dinosaur Quiver 1 round after they have been removed (Su)

2 Dinosaur Longswords:
1d20 dmg (Ex)
Ignore Stoneskin (Ex)
+5 enchantment to hit and damage (Su)
Keen (crits on 17-19) (Su)
Sharpness (cuts limbs on natural 20) (Su)

Ring of Protection +5
Ring of +1 All Abilities (can go above 25)
Amulet of Power (+5 natural AC, +5 hit, and Leap STR meter forward or 1/2 STR upward as move action)

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