We had started on our return. It seemed that the paladin had got what she came for. On the first camp we split the loot from our trip. Mokko handed me a mighty wand, that we got from the dead wizard. On our return we passed through the little peoples camp. One of them had a keen eye on Athemis, and followed im when we left. It never left Arthemis side, flying around him and resting in his backpack. But after a few days, when we had set the camp, I saw it do something strange. It sat on Arthemis` head, and it looked like it draged a piece of his soul out of him, and ate it !?! I did not know how to react to this. But it seemed Arthemis did not sustain any harm from this insident, though he whined about being cold and freezing the next few days. But then suddenly one day, it seemed like Arthemises new love, pulled a piece of it`s own soul out and handed him. Arthemis ate it, and started glowing just like the little people. After that he never complaiend about the cold. And he said that he felt stronger than ever.

On the road we encountered some grusome dinos, but Arthamis made short work of them all. Then we passed by some ruins not far from our path. We desided to investigate. The ruins was some old temple. A big dome laced in gold revealed it self inside the temple. In the middle of the dome there were 6 golden statues in what looked like a circle of prayer. And in the middle of the circle was a hatch, with 4 locks on it. With the help of mighty magic, Mokko and Arthemis managed to get the locations og the 4 keys. Suddenly Arthemis disappeared, like he teleported. He was gone just a few minutes, before he returned with the 4 keys.

So we opened the hatch. Inside it looked like a well, going far under ground. We all jumped in and started to swim down. We swam trough several rooms in the bottom, before we came to a new room, with no water inside. But in the middle of the room we saw a big golden egg.

The egg was indeed magical. We dicused a bit about it, before we agreed that Knarg was the one to get the magic benefit of the egg. So he broke it, and it`s magic entered Knarg. The egg was now the size of a normal egg. So Karg put it in his pocket for safe keeping.

We then left the temple. heading back to the path. But suddenly the ground caved in under our feet. We fell down a huge cave, and those who can`t fly landed in a huge spiderweb. Out of a hole in the wall, a monstrous spider appeared. But Mokko some how managed to stun it, giving Arthemis the opportunity to do what he does best. So we got our self out of the cave, and continued our voyage.


Anthrax, your friendly neighborhood necromancer.

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