When Mokferuso had finished making the longbow, he went outside. He was quite exited; Anthrax had just turned 43 or something, and Mokferuso wanted to give him something. He knew Anthrax quite well. He had no hard feelings with respect to some torture incidents in the past or loud disagreements in Loke’s tower. But it wasn’t easy finding the perfect gift; Anthrax was easily offended and quite rude if he somehow was provoked or misunderstood something other persons found obvious. Mokferuso gently lifted his backpack and placed the content on the ground before him, and divided the lot into two; mundane and epic items in one pile and artifacts in another. A mundane gift would be considered as an insult in Anthrax’ eyes, and he would truly kill just to teach someone an example. Epic items could introduce some excitement in Anthrax’ cold heart, but Mokferuso wasn’t entirely sure. No! It had to be something special, something that could warm his frozen heart. Slowly Mokferuso’s head turned to the artifact pile, and his attention became occupied with a small, discrete book he always carried with him, found in the shadow dragon Spelunkor’s lair ages ago; “The book with no end”… Mokferuso loved this book. It had almost been a part of him, and it had numberless times saved the party’s lives. “One shouldn’t become too attached to things”, Mokferuso heard himself say. “Friendship is more valuable than this book”. Mokferuso picked up the brownish book, brushed away some dust, turned it around, inspected every inch on its cover. The content of this item had never been discovered, its secrets was still unknown. Yet. If Anthrax got this book, things would probably change. Doubt and uncertainty shook Mokferuso for a second. He rose and walked over to Anthrax. “Happy birthday”, Mokferuso said, and handed over the book to Anthrax.

Team “Heroes of might and magic” (or was it “Ogma 8”?) gathered in the Dryad community, with Atlanteia as the dryad participant. Artemis had just drunk one of Atlanteia’s potions, making him a potent silver dragon with AC improvements. The team had other things on their mind than silver dragons, although the potion was on Artemis’ mind, turning him mute during the meeting. They had visited the sea people community, and luckily for them, they weren’t affected by the horrible ancient plague yet. It gave the team time to find a clever way of getting rid of some obstacles before helping them. The last point on the agenda was what to do with Mr. Fantastic. The dryads seemed a bit reluctant, and stated that although it was desirable, it was impossible to kill Mr. Fantastic. The rest disagreed. Mokferuso wanted to ban Mr. Fantastic from this world, and if that didn’t work, remove him by force. The others somehow agreed, and the team went to Mr. Fantastic’s fantastic home.

Mr. Fantastic sat on his throne and greeted us. We tried to talk to him, but either he was a complete idiot or he ignored our peaceful intentions of removing him from his position. Mokferuso actually became uneased after Mr. Fantastic 3 times in a row didn’t tell the truth, so he named him “Liar”. Mokferuso was thereby named “Potatohead” by the mighty Watcher.  Well, Mr. Fantastic agreed to free his harem, but of some strange reason we had to do it for him. Unfortunately, we weren’t even able to open the front door… Mr. Fantastic now saw his chance to get rid of these troublesome adventures, and told the heroes that he wanted to participate in killing the Guardian. But the team of good knew his evil intentions and sweet talked with him, making him open the heaaaavy front door. Mr. Fantastic took his maul and helmet and summoned the beast.

The guardian was a three headed tarasque with a silver key around each neck. But what is 3 heads good for if you’re not able to react? Nothing! That’s exactly what the guardian experienced when Anthrax cut it into small pieces during the first round. We had less luck in killing Mr. Fantastic. Knarg had some futile attempts with the bow, but in the end Anthrax had to pick up the bow. Mr. Fantastic showed the world how to use a maul. First he missed, making people around him laugh out loud. The second time he hit Mokferuso with a severe blow, inflicting over 2000 hp of damage. Luckily Romana somehow transferred the damage to her making it vanish. Artemis used his time stop and strength to steal the maul and run, while Mokferuso used “Bigby’s clenched fist” to keep Mr. Fantastic in the room as well as multiple “wall of force” spells. Anthrax gave Mr. Fantastic over 4000 hp damage with the bow, but Mr. Fantastic had another ace up his sleeve; a Miracle removed the damage not just once, but twice before Anthrax finally shot Mr. Fantastic to his death. “Not so fuckin’ fantastic after all”, Arazaka calmly stated.

The nymphs and dryads were freed, and they ran to their homes spreading the word. The team continued to search the castle. They found a room with 4 portals, making it possible to transport the group back to the library as well as 3 other places in this world, now ruins, but they contain the constructs we know so well. The user of this machine has an opportunity to summon all constructs in one place and merge them into a “Planetary golem”, -a way to defend this world in case of an invasion.

In an empty room in the east, behind a room where you need 3 silver keys to enter, we found a white chalice with some ultra-black liquid inside, enough for one man to drink. It is the most magical object ever seen, -by us at least, and has enormous powers (game master will post it), but it includes a risk drinking it; if you get below zero HP, you’re dead and can never return.  The question is who is bold enough to drink the liquid, thereby being able to even kill gods. The prize may be high…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata

Hero party

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