Demigod Ascendants and Demigods attract followers who are best defined as worshippers. Some of these worshippers turn into religious zealots, priests of their newly founded religion – a cult devoted to their Demigod (and later, God or even Greater God).

In order for a player character to advance in the Godhood classes, he needs to keep track of his number of worshippers, their levels, the locations of their religious strongholds, names of notable religious leaders and last, but not least – he needs to create the new religion which his worshippers will follow.

Fleshing out a Religion

Name of God: What is the name of the deity being worshipped?
Name of Religion: What do the worshippers call themselves?
Requirements: What is required to join this religion? What kind of conduct is expected of the worshippers?
Goal: Do the worshippers have a goal beyond mere worshipping, and how do they try to accomplish those goals?
Alignment: The alignment of the religion follows the alignment of the God (any alignment requirement to join should be noted under requirements).
Required NWPs or WPs: Maximum 1 WP and 3 NWPs
Bonus NWPS and WPs: 0 of each, but +1 pr. required NWP/WP.
Other Notes: Want to describe your religion and its priesthood in more detail? Go ahead (and feel free to check The Complete Priest’s Handbook for advice). The more details you add, the more alive, present and visible the priesthood will be in the world. this is where you have the chance to add some serious flavour to your religion.
Spheres: Major access to All and and four other spheres, minor access to four spheres.
Granted Powers: These will grow as the God being worshipped grows in power and is described in Creating Priest Kits.

The Advancement of a Religion and its Worshippers

Demigod Ascendant:
+1d100 worshippers every level
These are your very first worshippers. All are level 0 for the time being, and they have yet to form a congregation anyplace. for now, they just stick to saying your name in awe and making silent prayers in their bedrooms. Rumours and stories about your expolits and adventures are spreading through the world. Books are being written about you and bards sing songs to your honour.

+1d100X10 worshipers every level
At this point, a spark is ignited and your religion becomes official. Temples are built in your name, and religious leaders start appearing.
At level 1 Demigod, one of your worshippers become a lvl 1 priest of your religion. He will summon all your current worshippers to one location where they will build a temple in your name. This priest will become the leader of your religion, and he needs a name. The location of your temple needs to be pinpointed, and the number of worshippers present should be noted down. The details of your religion should also be fleshed out at this point.
At level 2 Demigod, the leader of your religion becomes level 2 while two other worshippers become level 1. One of these will establish another temple along with all the 1d100X10 worshippers you gained this level. These two priests also need names, and will be the closest advisors to the leader of your religion.
At lvl 3, your leader becomes level 3, his two advisors become level 2, and four other worshippers become level 1. The advisor without his own temple will build the third temple in your name along with all the new worshippers you gained this level. Your four new lvl 1 worshippers must also be given names, as they will form the council of your religion.
At level 4, the divinity of your being becomes apparent to the world as all your worshippers who are at least level 1 now gain a lvl 1 Low Power from the list on Creating Priest Kits. In addition, the leader of your religion becomes level 4, his advisors become level 3, the council becomes level 2 and eight more worshippers become level 1. One from the council builds a fourth temple with the help of all new worshippers and the eight new level 1 priests must be named. These eight will become archpriests later on.
At level 5 and upward, your 15 highest ranking priests will gain a level every time you level up. But your other worshippers will only lvl up every even numbered level, still following the same rate (so at lvl 6, sixteen new lvl 1s emerge, and at lvl 8 these reach lvl 2 while another thirtytwo lvl 1s appear.)

If you follow this formula, you will see where this goes. As you level up as a Demigod, so do your worshippers. The max level any priest of your religion can have equals your Demigod level (and later on, your God levels on top of that). As a level 20 Demigod, your worshippers should have built 20 temples in your name. The head of every temple should be named, and the highest ranking priests should be 1 lvl 20, 2 lvl 19, 4 lvl 18, 8 lvl 17, 16 lvl 15, 32 lvl 13, 64 lvl 11, 125 lvl 9, 250 lvl 7, 500 lvl 5, 1000 lvl 3, 2000 lvl 1. all other worshippers will be lvl 0 commoners.

By now, 20 temples have been built in your name. Your religion is firmly established, it’s leaders have all been named and leveled up while your priests have started gaining a lot of divine abilities. So at this point, your religion starts gaining a lot more ground.
+1d10X1000 followers pr. lvl
One new temple is built in your name pr. lvl. Location and lvl/name of head of temple must be noted. Every new temple built receives 1000 of the new worshippers while the rest are divided between your first 20 temples.
Your 15 highest ranking priests gain levels as you do, the next 3987 priests will gain levels every other time you level up. In addition, 1.000 worshippers will be promoted to lvl 1 priests every other time you level up (these will also level up every time you lvl up two levels).

Greater God:
+10.000 followers pr. lvl
+1 temple pr. lvl
None of your NPC priests lvl up any further (unless someone dies and someone levels up to take their place).
1.000 of your new worshippers become lvl 1 priests every level.

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