Greater Gods are the gods of gods, creators and annihilators of entire pantheons. A God can never advance to become a Greater God unless he manages to defeat and kill the Greater God of his own pantheon (or is promoted by his Greater God). This restriction does not apply for those who have advanced into the Godhood classes through the Plane of Trials. A Greater God keeps the weakness he had as a God, and it is an almost impossible task to figure out what this weakness is and exploit it without being defeated first. There is only one Greater God in any Pantheon, and he knows the weaknesses of all the Gods below him.

A Greater God can create his own Pantheon at level 1. At this point, he can promote 4 Gods, 16 Demigods and 80 Paragon beings. He can double this number every Greater God level if he so chooses.


As a Greater God grows stronger, he can create more and more until he reaches the point where he can create his own planets and planes of existence. At this point, he must either do so and emigrate his Pantheon there or wage war upon any Greater Gods currently sharing his current plane of existence.

Fighting a Greater God:
Surviving a Greater God encounter grants 50k xp pr. demigod level + 500k xp pr. God level + 5 mill xp. pr Greater God lvl.
Defeating a Greater God grants 1k xp pr. HD + 100k xp pr. Demigod lvl + 1 mill xp pr. God lvl + 10 mill xp pr. Greater God lvl + 1 xp pr. hp.
Killing a Greater God grants 1 mill xp pr. Demigod lvl + 10 mill xp pr. God lvl + 100 mill xp pr. Greater God lvl.
This xp is only granted if you face a fully fleshed Greater God fighting at full strength with an intention to kill.

A Greater God advances through 20 levels, at which point he is absorbed into the cosmos and becomes part of all things. Once you become a Greater God, you stop gaining xp by conventional means. Instead, you get 1% xp every year for as long as you have followers. In, addition, you can choose powers which increase your xp gain.

Every level as Greater God grants:
+10 hit/AC/dmg (physical attacks)
+1 on all ability scores
+10 Caster levels
+10 DR/all
+10 SR/all
+50% MR
+1000 hp (no con bonus)

In addition, each level offers its own abilities as well as the chance to chose a Greater God power:

1 Create Pantheon, Create any Relic
2 Locate: Anything/-one anywhere
3 Create: any HD creature
4 Kill: Any being anywhere or any Demigod on same plane.
5 Ignore Immunities of Gods
6 Create: Any species
7 Sense: 100 km + Gods and Demigods of your Pantheon (as well as their followers, holy objects and shrines)
8 Kill: Any Demigod anywhere or God on same plane
9 Create: Planets
10 Create: Prime Material Planes with surrounding planes of existence
11 Sense: The whole Prime Material Plane + the Pantheon plane
12 Kill: Any God anywhere
13 Grant a Demigod Power to your lvl 30 followers (those who accept it can never enter Plane of Trials)
14 Ignore Immunities of Greater Gods
15 Sense: All surrounding planes of existence you have created
16 Kill: Any species
17 Grant a God Power to your lvl 40 followers (those who accept it can never enter Plane of Trials)
18 Kill: Destroy any planet
19 Promote: Promote 1 God into a Greater God. This removes you from your own Pantheon, and is the second last step towards being One with the Universe.
20 Sense: The Cosmos. you become One with all things. Congratulations. You won the game.

Kill: The killing of beings (and destruction of planets) with the Kill ability is restricted to beings in your own Pantheon/Creation/Planet/World/Plane/Prime Material Plane.

Greater God Powers, pick freely from the list, 1 power pr. lvl and each power can be chosen only once (the first 100 of these are the same as the Demigod and God powers, but they are cumulative with those, [unless marked with*]):

1: Current HPX10
2: +100% MR
3: +100 natural AC
4: +100 DR/all
5: +100 SR
6: +50 all saves
7: +25 all ability checks
8: Immune to all non-magical energy dmg*
9: +100 fast healing
10: +50 regeneration
11: Immune to critical hits*
12: Immune to non-epic spells*
13: Immune to non-epic weapons*
14: Immune to natural attacks and natural/magical abilites of non-demigods*
15: Immune to all natural and magical (non-epic) diseases and curses*
16: Immune to all poisons*
17: All dmgX10 (all kinds of dmg)
18: +100% spell penetration
19: +100 hit
20: Bypass +100 DR
21: +2 standard actions pr. round
22: +50 DC on saves
23: +25 DC on ability checks
24: Free action: Dispel any non epic magic in any location you can sense*
25: +10 crit range
26: Cast any 1-9 wizard spell at will (except wish and minor wish)*
27: Cast any 1-7 priest spell at will*
28: +2 arms
29: +20 initiative
30: Triple Base movement
31: Bypass critical immunity up to and including demigods*
32: Gaze attack (any 2nd Ed MM)
33: Voice attack (any 2nd Ed MM)
34: Breath weapon (any 2nd Ed MM)
35: Heal all dmg given to followers within 100m at the start of each round*
36: Extra Domain – grant minor domain to followers
37: Ability to cast Miracle unlimited times daily as a standard action.*
38: Any armor – yourself and all followers can wear any kind of armor and shields*
39: Grow permanent wings and fly at X3 ground speed*
40: Bonus Feats: You gain 5 epic feats and your followers gain a lvl 3 bonus feat
41: MR: Your followers gain +1% MR pr. lvl
42: Permanent 20 feet poison aura, save (DC 24) or die, your followers gain lvl 1 immunity to poisons*
43: Ability to cast ancient Curse unlimtited times daily as a standard action*
44: Personal Weapon – immediately gain V slots of chosen weapon and your followers gain the ability to chose it as a personal weapon and specialize in it and gain hit rating with it as a warrior.*
45: Spell penetration – followers gain +1% spell penetration pr. lvl
46: Gain 100.000 followers
47: Immune to all damage and effects caused by one chosen non-demigod individual
48: +X2 crit dmg on all kinds of crits (including spell crits)
49: Impervious to one kind of magical energy damage
50: +20 caster levels

51: Cast any Epic Spell at will
52: Cast Wish at will with no negative effects
53: Followers gain +1 hit pr. lvl
54: Bypass Critical Immunity up to and including Gods
55: Instantly Resurrect any dead follower within 100m at the start of each round
56: Any weapon – immediately gain III slots in all weapons and your followers are proficient with all weapons.
57: Reduce the MR of any non-demigod opponent within 100m by half.
58: Permanent 900 feet aura of dimensional anchor (if anyone tries to enter or leave magically or supernaturally you may elcet to permit or allow it to happen)
59: Able to act after dimension door/teleport etc.
60: +50% resistance against Psionic powers
61: Ignore up to 50% resistance against your psionic powers
62: Cast any priest Quest-spell at will (Tome of Magic)
63: Followers gain +1 on all saves pr. lvl
64: Supress all supernatural, spell-like and magical abilities in any one non-demigod opponent within 90 feet at will.
65: One extra at will action pr. round
66: +2 move actions pr. round
67: Followers can cast any lvl 1 priest spell unlimited times daily
68: Followers can cast any lvl 1 wizard spell unlimited times daily
69: Immunity: Overcome your one weakness and shift it into something else
70: Always be aware of the weakness of your fellow Gods
71: Grant immunity to the location talents of other Gods and Demigods to one item/creature/being pr. God level (making yourself immune counts as one)
72: Grant immunity to the Kill ability of Gods of lower level as yourself to one creature/being pr. God level
73: Remove another God(s) from play for up to 10.000 years. This is a one time deal and all its Demigods, Paragon beings and lvl 20+ followers will instantly know it was you (but not how you did it) and who helped you. After 10k years, the God(s) will break free unless freed somehow sooner (or maybe even killed). Note: The Greater God of the Pantheon will also know what you did, as will any Gods in the Pantheon unaffected by your actions. Performing this action will also drain you of one God level pr. God removed.
74: ALL damage receieved can be regenerated and magically healed
75: Your damage dealt cannot be regenerated or magically healed
76: Extra domain – grant major domain to followers
77: Bonus Feats: you gain 4 epic feats and you followers gain a lvl 9 bonus feat
78: Followers gain +1 natural AC pr. lvl
79: Bonus Feats: You gain 3 epic feats and your followers gain a lvl 20 bonus epic feat.
80: Extra Domain – grant major domain to followers
81: Immune to all damage and effects caused by one chosen demigod
82: Promote 10 extra Paragon creatures
83: Promote 2 extra Demigods
84: +5 str/dex/con/int/wis/cha
85: +20 on one ability score
86: +5 wp
87: +10 nwp
88: Followers get a bonus NWP every even levels
89: Gain a buffer HP pool of 1 pr. follower you have. This buffer is not counted when you get 10X your current HP, it cannot be healed/regenerated in any way, and for every 1 dmg you take until the pool is gone, one of your followers die. Example: You have 10k hp and 100k followers. You choose to get the buffer, and you now have 110k maximum hp. If someone damage you for 20k dmg, 20k of your followers die and you now have 90k maximum hp. Only when your hp drops below 10k (and all your followers are dead), can you start healing your damage taken. This buffer will also increase if your number of followers increases.
90: Gain a bonus on all kinds of dmg output of 1 pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus is not counted when you get 10X all dmg, but it is added afterwards…as a bonus. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
91: +1 bonus AC pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
92: +1 bonus hit pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
93: +1 bonus spell penetration pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
94: +1 bonus MR pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
95: +1 bonus DR/all pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
96: +1 bonus SR/all pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
97: +1 bonus fast healing pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
98: +1 bonus spell penetration pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
99: Followers live twice as long as others of their race and lvl 20+ followers don’t die of old age and don’t get penalites from aging.
100: Bonus Feats: You gain 2 epic feats and your followers gain a bonus epic feat at level 15.

101: Holy War: Your followers declare war on the followers of another Greater God. Every side kills 1d10 followers pr. 1k followers you have every day until one side wins. Choosing this ability also grants you 100.000 followers just before the war begins.
102: Immune to Epic Spells
103: Immune to Epic Weapons
104: Every day your follower count decreases, there is a 10% chance that you will gain the same amount of new followers by the next day.
105: Half damage from all physical damage (in addition to any previous damage reductions)
106: Half damage from all magical damage (in addition to any previous damage reductions)
107: Holy Defense: If another Greater God declares Holy War upon you, you only lose half the usual number of followers daily. Choosing this ability also grants you 50.000 new followers.
108: Holy Bloodthirst: Your followers kill +50% of the usual number during Holy War
109: Epic Followers: Your followers gain powers at lvl 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30. These powers are any non godhood powers you possess, and you sacrifice your own powers in order to give them to your followers.
110: Sneaky followers: Your followers receive 30 rogue points at lvl 1 and 15 more pr. lvl
111: Skilled followers: Your followers advance their hit rating as fighters do.
112: Specialized followers: Your followers can specialize in the weapon you are most skilled with.
113: Arcane followers: Your followers gain arcane spells the same way as wizards or sorcerers.
114: Tough followers: Your followers receive CON bonuses as fighters do, and gain +1 CON at lvl 9
115: Musical followers: Your followers get the same bardic abilities as standard bards.
116: Instant Prayer: If a follower prays to you for guidance for 1 round (full round action), you may bestow +1 hit/dmg/AC/saves for 1 turn if he succeeds a DC 20 religion check.
117: Battlecry: If a follower shouts a battle cry in your name (free action), you may bestow +2 hit/dmg to him and all his friendlies within 30 feet for 1 turn if he succeeds a DC 20 CHA check.
118: Short prayer: If a follower prays to you for 1 turn, he may be granted Greater Protection from Evil, Good, Lawful or Chaotic (+5 AC and saves) for 1 hour if he succeeds a DC 25 religion check.
119: Medium prayer: If a follower prays to you for 1 hour, he may be granted +10 initiative the following day if he succeeds a DC 30 religion check.
120: Long prayer: If a follower prays to you for 24 hours, he may be granted a Wish (with the appropriate reprecussions) if he succeeds a DC 35 religion check. Only one Wish will be fulfilled every level or year, whichever comes last (ie. you cannot be granted 5 wishes if you advance 5 levels in a 12 month period, and you also do not get 5 wishes if you stay lvl 1 for 5 years).
121: Small Sacrifice: If a follower sacrifices 10 gold worth (the ritual takes 1 round), he will receive a +5 bonus on all encounter reactions for 1 turn.
122: Medium Sacrifice: If a follower sacrifices 100 gold worth (the ritual takes 1 turn), he will receive a +5 bonus to an ability score of his choice for 1 hour.
123: Big Sacrifice: If a follower sacrifices 1.000 gold worth (the ritual takes 1 hour), he will receive a 24 hour Sanctuary (DC 30).
124: Ultimate Sacrifice: If a follower sacrifices 50.000 gold worth (the ritual takes 24 hours), a loved one (spouse, child, other family member, hencheman, PC or close NPC) will be brought back to life at the location of the sacrifice immediately after. No remains are needed, but the soul must be available for resurrection. This can only be done once pr. level or year, whichever comes latest.
125: Soul Sacrifice: Your followers may sacrifice the souls of other people to you. This is an utterly evil act, and will leave the victims unable to ever be resurrected again. The ritual takes 1 hour and can only be performed if the Greater God is Evil. The ritual cannot be performed more than once every month (during a full moon), and grants the follower 10% XP to the next level, as well as 5% for all spectators. Because of this ability, the Greater God receives 1% XP every year as long as he has more than 250.000 followers.
126: Celibacy: If the Greater God is Good, a follower can decide to live in celibacy. As long as the follower lives this way, he is granted immunity to mind-based spells. This ability is permanently removed after his first sexual encounter and cannot be reinstated ever again. It is possible to choose celibacy and gain the ability if you have had sexual encounters before the decision. but once the vow is broken, it is forever ruined
127: Human Sacrifice: If the Greater God is Evil, a follower may sacrifice humanoids (the ritual takes 1 turn) and receieve a +1 bonus to dmg pr. lvl/HD of the sacrifice on all spells cast for 24 hours. These bonuses are not cumulative, and once someone has been sacrificed, another sacrifice is not possible until the bonus runs out.
128: Fast leveling: You gain 1 more Greater God level for every one of your followers who complete the Demigod Ascendant trial in Plane of Trials.
129: Soul Bargaining: Followers can sell their soul to their Greater God if the god is Evil. If they do, raise Dead and resurrection etc. will not work on them (since the Greater God will have claimed their souls already). In return, those who choose to sell their souls will get 3 wishes, +3 on one ability, +2 spells pr. spell level daily and get to choose 1 spell pr. spell level which can be cast once a day at 200% potency. The Greater God receives 1% XP every year as long as he has more than 500.000 followers.
130: Soul of Neutrality: Followers of a Neutral Greater God can shift the encounter reaction of neutral creatures by one category (mindless creatures not included) upon a successful charisma check (DC 20).
131: Pacifists: If the Greater God is Neutral or Good, the followers cannot initiate combat against other living beings. In return, they gain +1 natural AC pr. lvl and +1 free parry every round. if they fail to live up to this standard, the benefits are lost for at least 1 month and they also have to Atone.
132: Additional Low Powers: Your followers get additional low powers at lvl 1, 3, 5 and 7.
133: Adittional Medium Powers: Your followers get additional medium powers at lvl 9, 11 and 13.
134: Additional High Power: Your followrs get additional high powers at lvl 15 and 17.
135: Additional Grand Power: Your followers get an additional grand power at lvl 19.
136: Crusade: Your followers will amass an army and wage war against the country of your choice. You can make them wage new wars every 5 years. Each Crusade lasts for 4 years (travel time included, both to and from the destination, so if it takes 2 years to travel there, they won’t have time to actually do any warfare). 1d100% percent of your followers will participate every time, and 1d10% of the defending army will die every month during the war. For every defender that dies, 2 of your followers will die. If they manage to kill off all defenders, they will establish a new kingdom there in your name (50% of the crusading followers will settle down while the rest go home). Your religion will be the official religion, and 25% of the surviving population will convert (50% of the population in a country will be part of the defending army when any followers of a Greater God come crusading).
137: Your followers do not need to memorize their spells, but use the ones best suited to the situation.
138: Your followers who reach lvl 20 can no longer die from old age.
139: Your followers gain access to a new sphere every time they get a new spell level until they have access to all spheres. They must choose minor and major spheres every other time.
140: All spells that your followers cast of a certain major sphere are maximized.
141: Your followers get a CHA modifier to the save DC of spells in the same way a sorcerer does.
142: Your followers gain access to one wizard school of their own choice. All spells of this school are Intensified.
143: Your followers increase one ability score by 1 every 4 levels (it must be the same ability score every time).
144: Your followers use d12 for hit points, and they roll new dice every level.
145: Your followers gain access to a Plane of your choice at level 15 and a second Plane at level 20 (City of Union and other restricted Planes not included).
146: Your followers do not need to have ability scores of 25 in order to pick Epic Feats which requires ability scores of 25.
147: Your followers start gaining feats at lvl 1, but get new feats only every third level until level 15 (They get 1 new feat at lvl 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15. From lvl 16 they get new feats every level, just like everyone else.).
148: Bonded Mount: Your followers gain a bonded mount in the same way as AD&D 2nd Edition Paladins.
149: Your followers can own wear a maximum of 3 magical items, but all spells are free actions.
150: You are impervious to all damage and effects from any source (including other Greater Gods). In essence, you are indestructible. However, half of your followers die immediately and you die if all of them perish later on (unless you have advanced to a lvl 20 Greater God meanwhile – and become one with the cosmos). If your HP/AC/etc. is tied to your follower count, you will take damage/effects from loss of followers.
151: You gain +1% XP every year for as long as you have followers. This ability can be chosen several times.

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