The golems started moving. Arthemis did what he does best, -using his swords, and attacked one of them. He managed to give a certain amount of damage, but didn’t manage to put it at ease. Ottamata thought for a split second before disappearing hiding in plain sight, and slowly made his way to the Anthrax entrance/exit. Anthrax didn’t do anything, -to everyone’s surprise. Mokferusu changed into his dragon form, gave everyone more AC and entered air space. This time he actually managed to remember his sacred shield, to protect his vulnerable skin. It turned out that this was a clever ability to remember. Arazaka changed into his alter ego, a 6 meter tall brown bear, before becoming invisible and on his way to the Anthrax entrance/exit. Knarg went the same way.

The golems finally moved and attacked Arthemis with limited success. Some started, for some sick reason, to throw spears at Mokferuso. We still haven’t made it clear what went wrong in Anthrax’ train of thoughts. Suddenly he opened a portal to the Plain of air, and a big motherfucking wind element entered the library and started to attack us, throwing almost everyone into the air.

The golems still attacked Mokferuso, providing severe blows to his chest. The ancient dragon armor took the blows, but they actually managed to give him some damage. The rest of the pack was helplessly circulating around the air elemental, unable to move, fight or cast spells.

Arthemis slew a golem, and we didn’t manage to register what happened next. Ottamata , Romana and Anthrax were still captured in the whirlwind, so Mokferuso had to do something. First he made a “stoneskin” to himself, followed by an “Otto’s irresistible dance” and a “Disintegrate” spell at the wind monster, and to no one’s surprise, it vanished in thin air (sic.).  The flying circus fell to the floor. Satisfied with his brave deed, Mokferuso rested the rest of the round. Anthrax came to his senses and attacked the golems.

“This goes surprisingly well, and it’s all because of me!”, Mokferuso though. The golems had a different idea, and 4 of them started to merge into a super golem. To our surprise, so did the rest. Anthrax tried to attack them, but in vain. Anthrax was gone in a “poof”, and Mokferuso thought it, as always, would be up to him to finish this battle. An “improved invisibility” spell was performed, and he almost blew his lungs out when he spew a cloud of chlorine gas at a super golem. He got some second thoughts when he observed the super golem, and it was not affected at all. The super golem attacked him, and once again the sacred shield took some of the damage. But a blow made it through Mokferuso’s armor, giving him damage.  

We flew. All of us. Even the bravest understood that it would be madness to fight these golems. Impervious to magic and unable to hit.

We regrouped at a rendezvous point directly below the library and decided to wait until the next morning before reentering the library. Mokferuso and Arazaka went, hidden by invisible spells, outside, trying to get an architectural overview of the area.  But they didn’t succeed in finding something interesting, so they went back to the group and spend the night underground. This resulted in no heal during the night.

Inspired by yesterdays limited success, our group of heroes decided to reenter the library. Multiple invisibility spells were thrown, and we all flew up and into the room of super golems. Nothing happened, so we went to the pedestal in the center. Mokferuso hit the top button, it started glowing and a word came to sight; “Sky”. Now, after the first trial, the rest of the group also wanted to play the game, and in the end 8 words occurred. Mokferuso easily stacked them into a readable sentence; “Travel to the divine sky castle of Dragons”, and pushed the buttons in the right combination. An 8 edged star started to glow in the middle of the buttons, and Mokferuso pushed it with a gentle touch. A portal opened…

Mokferuso took the first step into the portal.  Suddenly it went cold, very cold. The sky almost surrounded him and the air was a bit hard to breath. The rest came through, and we suddenly realized that we were 30 000 meters up in the air. Flying was impossible here. A 300 meter high dragon mouth, carved out in the mountain was the only entrance we saw. The skeleton of a long dead 450 meter long dragon in chains guarded the entrance. Due to the cold, the tunnel sounded tempting, and we travelled 200 meters into the mountain. A huge gate structure was located at the end of the tunnel, and it had some kind of hole in it, fist sized.

In a split second, Mokferuso heard the weak sound of air being breathed in and then out, but had no chance in avoiding the effect; He just screamed “dragon breath”, before an intense fire hit the group from behind. Some were immune to the fire, other used their evasion ability. Arazaka had neither, but Romana used her ability to take group damage and ignore it, thereby saving Arazaka’s life. She has actually become a valuable member of the group; her abilities are unique. When they turned around they saw a 450 meter long Draconic Red Dinosaur Dracolich with a fist sized glowing object in his forehead…

The seniors in the group understood the seriousness of the situation; that was a pretty colossal big fucking dragon and probably the largest monster we had met: 450 meters long, MR of 650, immune to critical, 200 HD +++. “Impossible to kill!”, you say? It happened so fast;  Arthemis sped towards the dragon, but didn’t reach him. Anthrax casted a “Hemisphere of force” around Knarg, Ottamata, Arazaka and Romana, in order to protect them from whatever the dragon could come up with. He concluded with a “Greater ruin” spell, and hit the dracolich pretty good. Mokferuso thought well and ended up with one of his Dragon Mage spells, made especially for dealing with undead; “Fook’s sunray”. He hit the dragon even harder. It seemed like the group had the upper hand, but the Dracolich had other intentions. He rushed toward us, but we were just outside his reach. Now he threw a “Morderkainen’s disjunction” at us! And this was serious business, because the soon-to-be dead monster was a 200 HD creature. Anthrax really saved the day and dispelled the spell before it could do any harm. What happened the next second, I’m not sure, but Arthemis started to strike the monster, and suddenly it just fell. Nice one!

We studied the beast for a while and took the key to the portal and pushed it in the key hole. The door opened, we entered, and the gate closed behind us. We had entered the Garden of Eden…

We had stumbled upon a green valley, with trees, berries, fruits, birds and mammals, and some nymphs welcomed us. We saw the sky, but it was obvious to everyone that this was some kind of magic. A river ran towards us from the west, and in north we saw a lake. An interesting place, but where the hell are we and why?


Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata

The Hero Party


The Draconic Red Dinosaur Dracolich

The Draconic Red Dinosaur Dracolich


Arthemis in the garden of eden

Arthemis in the garden of eden



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