We desided to explore the spiders lair, figured it would hold great treasures. But as we ventured through the tunel, all we found was a secret entrance to an old library. There we found some interesting books containing some information of teh black death. It seemed like it was the diary of a doctor, trying to find a cure, before it was too late. It also explained teh symptoms of the plague, wich I will not go into detail about. The book also mentioned that the queen of the catpeople had locked her self up in her chambers. She was also trying to find a cure. She was locked up in a airtight chamber, with air to last for a month. After reading the books, we ventured out of the library, and into the jungle, again. But as soon as we entered the fabulous jungle, with all the marvelous trees, plants, insects and animals, living togheter in perfect harmony. We stumbled upon a sabertooth tiger. We tried to avoid confrontation with it, but he pounced right on Arthemis, giving him no other choice but to defend himself. The tiger soon realised that Arthemis was no easy prey and disapeared into the vegetation in the blink of an eye.

We had a few smaller encounters on our journey through the jungle, but nothing Arthemis couldn`t handle. Then one night we saw some old ruins further into the jungle, we desided to investigate. Mabye there would be some more clues to the plague here I thought, while Arthemis said he was only interested in finding some mighty tresure. That greedy poultry. We explored the ruins, and suddenly stumbled upon what lokked like it could be the queens chambers. Looking for answers regarding the plague, we tried to enter. But it had no handles or anything, it just looked like a solid wall. In the hallway leading to the chamber, therewere also a whole lot of  suspicious looking golden statues. So I figured we needed a password, and with the statues in mind, we had to have the correct one at the first try. Arthemis used one of his magic tricks, and aquired the password. How he did it I don`t know and honestly, I don`t really care. The door opened, and there was a big puff of old dust, when the air entered the chaimbers. Inside we found the queen, sitting in her throne, as dead as they come. She had all her battle gear with her, and a big tresure. Before I could get a overview of the room, Arthemis was already digging his greedy hands into the tresure. And suddenly a enormous golden hydra emerged from the goldpile. How could he not have learned?!? But the hydra came to short as most others, trying to outmatch Arthemis. We also found some research writings left by the queen. So we will take a look at them at a later time. Now, the adventure must go on……

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