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A vacuum appeared after the Watcher and the Guardian were slain, and the mighty heroes didn’t know exactly what to do with their spare time. Some started to study the library, but no one succeeded in their search for clues and information. Knarg and Arazaka flew to the dryads, to watch how the dryad community welcomed their previous members. They were both touched by the kindness and happiness shown by the dryads, and they revealed themselves and walked into the city. The mood was a bit odd, because the dryads didn’t really know if it was a good thing to loose such a powerful master. Atlanteia was pleased and wanted to celebrate the big events by a party the night after, showing gratitude to the outsiders. Arazaka and Knarg were again touched, and replied that it was obvious that the ones responsible for the deed showed up next day.

Meanwhile, Mokferuso puzzled a bit about the disappearance of the Black Draconic Dragon, and wanted to inspect the chain holding him. They flew right up in the air and started looking for the dragons, finding 6 of them, all in chains. Two were not seen, but since they hadn’t escaped, they were bound (sic.) to be there. The heroes agreed to ask the dryads, -they probably knew it. Meanwhile, they buried the Watcher and the Guardian, paying them their final respect.

The party was a success. The guest got food and drinks, as well as gifts from the dryad and nymph society; 3 epic potions. Mokferuso, Ottamata and Anthrax got one each, drank it satisfactorily, and experienced a permanent change in abilities. Mokferuso created and sang a joyful song about how this place resembled heaven on earth, while Anthrax told a stunning story how the two beasts were finally slayed; the crowd moaned, happy not to be there and to be entertained by such a powerful being. Artemis took care of the drinks, finally bringing some culture (and alcohol) to the savages.  

Anthrax got a new henchman this evening. Atlanteia was tired of being here and wanted to see the world. The group welcomed her as a true member. She told the heroes where to find the broken chain, and those who dared, went and had a look. It seemed like, based on a closer inspection, that the Watcher had set the beast free, but how it was able to flee this world and end up trapped beneath the earth for ages, we do not know. Maybe the Watcher had something to do with that as well?

After Artemis had looked for a while, Mokferuso found some information about the Draconic Dinosaurs; how the specie was created, what their purpose had originally been (before getting trapped by the Watcher?), and how the dracolich dragon had been placed outside as a guardian. The Watcher had been put here to oversee the creation, -not interfere, but since he was trapped here he probably did what he could to stop the intention of his Greater God. One question rises; should the dragons be set free, to take their responsibilities as intended? Or should we, as Anthrax suggested, just kill’em all? We all need to give it a thought. And finally; the cup holding the black liquid was the phylacteryl of the dracolich dragon.

The next discussion was about who should drink the magic black liquid, thereby putting himself at a never ending killing spree. No one dared, scared by the thought of being ultimately annihilated in case of a bad parry. No one, except Romana. She drank it while the others just stood and watched. Afterwards, we smashed the chalice, thereby giving the dracolich dragon its ultimate final blow. Poor Romana. We all feel sorry for her, but I guess she’ll manage to survive.  We returned to the library below, getting ready for the riddles awaited our clever minds.

It actually went quite well. We answered the first 7 riddles correctly, and in a rush of enthusiasm, Artemis uttered “Riddles, -I love riddles!”  We had conditional success with the rest, but in light of the level of difficultness, the heroes did well; 32 out of 40 is 80% success! The main part was that the group worked as one, overcoming the hard obstacles. The next hard work is to share the prize; it might be… interesting?

The golden hero troika


 The chalice that needed to be broken: