Adventurer Logs

After resting, Mokferuso and Artemis flew further into the woods. An interesting observation was that Artemis didn’t glow in this place. Our “locate plant” spell signaling the presence of Spøkelsesblomst nearby, but their dragon senses also told the heroes that 3 of the creatures living here also were present. As peace loving heroes, they naturally left to avoid confrontation.


On the other side of the forest, 8 of these transparent creatures had found them, and although the brave ones again tried to avoid confrontation, these were quite clever, climbed the trees and jumped at Mokferuso, grabbing him as well as attacking him with their claws. One actually climbed him! They have AC less than 128, but you probably need silver weapons or magic to hurt them. They have 50% mischance as well. Mokferuso now was held by 3 of them and rode by one, so he started to throw fireballs at them. Although they got 750 hp in damage, they still held their grasp. He also needed to get rid of the ones holding him, and luckily he won the strength check with aid from his fortunate coin and flew up in the air. One still rode him, so Artemis attacked him with spells and one moment after he hit the ground and started regenerating.


The heroes tried bravely to get rid of them, but their speed was higher than Artemis’. Mokferuso tried an invisibility spell, but somehow they smelled them and continued to follow. They saw a bridge across a large river and tried to trick the foul creatures, but they weren’t all idiots and harder remedies were needed. A “zone of sweet air” spell was thrown, and now they lost track.


The hero party continued through a deserted landscape, and had to rest. A “create campsite” spell was thrown, and they rested peacefully for the next 8 hours. The next day they flew toward a mountain top where someone had tried to build a house. We knocked and a Death Knight welcomed them by telling them to go to hell. Mokferuso politely answered that they had already been there and had no intentions in going back. His shield was clearly magical, and apart from different positive effects it also had a curse; if you showed mercy on a defeated foe, you would be transformed into a death knight. The death knight attacked us, and but Mokferuso won the initiative, transformed into a dragon and attacked. If it was clay beneath the claws or oil on the death knight’s body, we will never know, but somehow the death knight managed to escape the first two blows and went inside. Artemis, eager to perform sword play, followed him and cut him in pieces. Mokferuso picked up the shield and Artemis buried the poor nymph/death knight.  They flew back to our previous camp site and rested. The next day they flew over the forest and entered the dryad community, and when picking up the spear, Mokferuso knew how to merge the two weapons together and so he did. The result was a two handed axe which was able to damage the Guardian, making its wounds from the axe impossible to regenerate. Nice to have after Mr. Fantastic was gone.


Atlanteia showed the once interested in herbalism how to prepare the flower, turning it into a potential potion. She got a flower and Anthrax got a potion, which he thankfully emptied.


After talking to the wise matriarch, she informed the heroes that Phoebe actually was her sister, and she didn’t want us to kill her. We had to be clever, finding a way to stay at least 30 yards away from her and getting her necklace. Magic had to be used, but what? “Mass invisibility” was an obvious choice, but unfortunately a cloud entered above the hero party and Arazaka had to be called in; changing the weather was his specialty. His spell somehow changed the gravity in the area, and he suddenly dumped into the ceiling.


Mokferuso and Artemis flew toward the small mountain, where a small lake and river were present. They also saw a small house with natural sized animal statues placed deliberately around. A young female dryad walked around in her garden, and the heroes quite rapidly understood that this was their target. Mokferuso threw domination spells at her, but they seemed to repel her, and suddenly she was levitated. Artemis grabbed her with a Bigby spell, and suddenly she was surrounded by complete darkness. We waited a while and Artemis eventually managed to control her by a “Soul dominion” spell. He told her to unbutton her blouse and her …. No, that wasn’t the case; remove her necklace and bring it a bit closer. She did, dropped her artifact and stumbled backwards until the necklace was outside her darkness. A telekinesis spell brought the artifact to us, and Mokferuso got rid of the darkness. Phoebe’s mistake was to fall in love, and she was transformed into a Medusa. Poor soul. Artemis now ponders how to save the unfortunate ones.


Back at the camp the heroes met their fellow friends, and Mokferuso told Atlanteia what their intentions was regarding her staff. She agreed to make the bow, and Mokferuso put the necklace and the staff together; a longbow appeared. The weapon was designed to kill Mr. Fantastic, as the only one able to actually harm him.


Since we saved Atlanteia, we were granted one of her potions. Artemis wanted the one being able to shapechange into a silver dragon. Mokferuso agreed, but Artemis wanted an expert opinion from his (master?) friend Anthrax.


One question was raised, and all agreed to let Anthrax solve the puzzle; How to save the lake people now infected by the ancient plague…


Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata

Heroes from Vest




PICS: Death knight and Medusa … easy targets!




As the door behind us slowly closed, the curious nymphs and dryads slowly came closer. We tried to talk to them, and they replied. We started a conversation, and the dryads invited us to their town, about 2 ½ kilometres away. The place was quiet and peaceful, and we really felt the stress leave our sore shoulders. Some magical statues of dryads caught our attention. They had precisely the same features as the dryads themselves, only magical statues. Interesting…  The matriarch of the dryads, Atlanteia, lived in an old hollow tree, right in the vicinity of the town. We paid her a visit. She was quite old and we greeted her in profound respect. She had an artefact in her hand, a staff of some sort. Arazaka asked her if she knew what the staff did, and if not, if she was interested in finding out. She was very interested in finding out the truth of her old companion, so Arazaka told her that this was indeed an artefact; good for hitting, but the most interesting feature was that it gave the user cooking proficiency, and the ones eating it would be cured for disease etc. The wearer will not die due to aging. But; if the wearer lies, he will be transformed into a green hag. She was overwhelmed, and told us about how she got this item. The dryad community once got a bow, but since they weren’t a hostile people, they divided this bow into a staff and an amulet. Another dryad, Phoebe, got the amulet, but somehow turned into a Medusa. She transformed some of the dryads into stones before leaving this village and left for the mountain top. But this wasn’t a day for tales, so she invited us to a party where she served the food. We gladly accepted, and asked about the magic present in her closet. She showed us 4 epic potions, self-produced. They can potentially do marvellous things…

The party began, and both food and beverages were served. The adventures participated in the happy event. We asked where they came from, and we were told that they had always been here. They also told about foul creatures at the rim of the valley, and we soon realized they were draconic dragons. Luckily they were chained. 8 were left; a black one had managed to escape some time ago. We drank the golden cider that they brew here, and slept happily the following night.

Ottamata was completely rested when he woke. He felt something was wrong. Something strange had happened. He thought of this for a while, and then he realized that he, as every night before, hadn’t been disturbed by horrible nightmares where terrible monsters ripped his soul in parts and feasted on his flesh. He felt, for the first time in a very long time, awake. He rose, stretched his muscles, and woke the others. Then he realized something deeply disturbing had happened, but couldn’t really put his finger on it…

The dryad community was somehow reduced, and the harsh truth soon got to us; they were infected by the ancient plague we had brought with us. To avoid any deaths, we quickly explained the situation and gave everyone a Hero’s Feast, in order to postpone the deadly effect. Arazaka and the rest of the party helped the dryads as well as they could, while Mokferuso and Anthrax flew as quickly as they could to a certain god, Mr. Fantastic, placed in the middle of the valley. He apparently created this world as well as maintaining it.

Before landing, we saw a huge temple in the middle of the valley, and a building with enormous columns as well as a gigantic door made of massive iron.  Outside on a throne made of white marble, Mr. Fantastic, a colossal figure, fair hair, blue eyes; resembling a Greek god, sat and relaxed. We landed outside his area and paid him a visit, bringing gifts from the outside world.

He loved stories, especially tales about fighting and victories, and Anthrax gladly entertained him. It looked like he didn’t care for much else.  We were invited inside for food and drinks, and could hardly resist before getting an agreement regarding the plague. He wore 5 keys, probably matching 5 locks which could be found on the doors inside his castle. He wore sandals and a tunic, and inside we saw a maul and a helm. 3 female nymphs and 3 female dryads brought us food as we sat down, and it was clear, even to Anthrax, that they were terrified of their master. Something was terribly wrong. He told us that he created this world and the world outside, -which we later found out was an exaggeration.  

He was eager to show off, to verify how fantastic he really was. He wanted to arm-wrestle, and Mokferuso actually beat him the first one. To satisfy his ego, Mokferuso lost the next battle. Anthrax also lost. He also wanted a drink competition, and Mokferuso lost. We had an invitation to stay over, so Mr. Fantastic carried Mokferuso to his bed. After installing us in the guest room, he actually locked the door!!! How rude! In a futile attempt to restore Mokferuso’s health, Anthrax threw a forget spell on his victim, thereby complicating the situation even further.

The guest quarter was a nicely decorated, and a library containing 1000 books caught Anthrax’ attention. He quickly discovered 2 books containing poems, but they clearly hid something. We needed to stay there for 6 days, so Anthrax began to read the easiest one.

The morning after Anthrax went to gather the nymphs and the dryads, because Mr. Fantastic had promised to help them all. Everyone got a “Miracle” spell, but the inhabitants didn’t look pleased. Mr. Fantastic asked if they were happy with his deeds, they said yes and presented 6 female nymphs and 6 female dryads, all young, for their God. The poor women were truly terrified, but obeyed their families. Mr. Fantastic accepted, thereby showing us his true nature to us. It seemed he was nothing but a God taking advantage of his creation.

We still had some reading to be done, so we agreed to be there some days. Anthrax kept him at ease by telling stories and sprinting, while Mokferuso read as a fast as he could. Every night Mr. Fantastic locked our door, but cleaver Mr. Knarg found a summoning trap on the door, so we are aware that we are temporary being imprisoned.

The books were quite interesting reading, -for those who have slots in cryptography. It seemed that Mr. Fantastic didn’t create this world at all. The creator of this world had reached the level at where he became a part of the world, in this case the tiny people. His avatar, called the Watcher, was placed here to guard his creation. He also guards a strange object of some sort, named “The Godslayer”. Sounds …. interesting? For some, at least.  A guard “dog “ is present between the object and the world. Anyway, the god probably had a hunch that the Watcher would become corrupt during time, so he placed weapons at the dryads and the nymphs, one bow to kill the Watcher and a two hand axe to kill the guard monster.

We told Mr. Fantastic that it was time for us to leave, but he didn’t care. He was too interesting in his female companion to care. One of the nymphs was missing, though. We left.

The moral in the nymph society was low, but we managed to get some information from them. They once had received a two hand axe, and had separated it in two. It became a shield and a spear. The nymph getting the spear became a minotaur, and hid himself somewhere in the lake where the sea people. The one nymph with the spear became evil and went into a canyon somewhere east through an area called “Dead forest”. No one knows what’s behind the forest, because the ones that had tried haven’t returned. But creatures of sizes between 10 and 40 meters have been observed. And one additional information; every year the nymphs and the dryads present 6 young females for Mr. Fantastic. Each month he rapes one of them and threw the body to his guard dog.

Anthrax and Mokferuso quickly flew to the lake and got access to the bottom of the lake. We found a labyrinth, presumably impossible to pass, but we decided to give it a try. We used “Find the path”. The walls were always moving, making it almost impossible to get a clear path, but after 28 hours we found the sleeping minotaur. The original plan was to use telekinesis to grab the spear, but somehow Anthrax threw it wrong. The spell became alive with stats of Anthrax, but luckily it attacked the minotaur. I grabbed the spear, and then Anthrax managed to cast the forget spell on himself!!!  We used some hours to get out of the labyrinth, and finally reached the dryad community once more. The spear was cursed in such a way that if the wearer once got lost, he would transform into a minotaur. Sad story. But hey, one down, only 2 to go.

But Anthrax being without memory was a potential hazard, but the group didn’t want to see Mr. Fantastic and grant another favour. The dryads told about a certain plant with amazing features named “Ghost flower”, being able to heal and restore memory, only found in Dead Forest. Mokferuso and Anthrax left almost all their stuff at the Dryads, and flew to the canyon in the east. Arazaka lend them his magical glasses, to ensure they got some hints of which curse the shield had. 

They finally reached a really dead forest with 50 meters high trees, and threw “locate plant” while flying with an amazing speed. Suddenly the spell kicked in and we landed. Immediately 4 large creatures, with a move of 120, dared to attack us. They were troll like, almost transparent, but died rapidly. Mokferuso managed to grab an eye and feed Mime before he transformed them to dust using the “disintegrate” spell. 4 samples of the magical plant were collected, but we need the dryads to tell us how to use it. We camped in the cosy cave, but got disturbed during night when 6 of the same sort attacked us. Anthrax again displayed his newly achieved powers by making them all kneel, and Mokferuso disintegrated them all. The two friends grabbed some rest before getting prepared to fly even further.


Dryads, nymphs and Mr. Fantastic:




 Mr. Fantastic

Of course, Arthemis managed to release the trap, activating all the golems in the library. Arthemis went in for the kill, without thought as usuall. While Mokko changed into that golden lizard. Flying high in body and spirit. Me, I took a ready action. Mokko seemed to be their focus of atention, naturally given his size. But I also noticed that Arthemis was having a bit of problems, slaying these golems. Strange, since he rarely has problems slaying anything. The rest of the crew, ran for the exit. I desided to give Arthemis a helping hand, in form of some boosting spells, but this went terribly wrong. This freaking wild magic thing created a portal to the plain of air instead, and through the gate, came what must have been the mother of all air-elementals. The wind was so strong that it liftet almost everything and everyone from the floor, tossing us around. As if the golems wasn`t bad enough. But Mokko came to our rescue, killing the elemental. I could se it in his smug grin, that he was extremely satisfied with his contribution. Even more than usuall.

When we were free to act, i noticed that Arthemis had managed to slay one golem. So I charged another group of golems myself. In the background I could hear the sound of Arthemis` swordplay, golem spears flying through the air and Mokko ranting on about how great he is, and how well this was giong because of him. Pretty full of himself. Sure he made a difference and a great contribution, but come on!

When things finally looked to be going our way, things suddenly changed for the worse. The golems were not planing to go so easy. They all melted toghether, 4 and 4, into supergolems. A quick look over my shoulder, and I saw that Arthemis was nowhere near hitting the supergolem. So I figured that was my que for exit. Arthemis also took to his senses, and left in a hurry. Mokko on the other hand, needed a bit more time to realise that he was outmatched. But eventually he came along.

We regrouped in the cave beneth the library. We desided to heal up, and enter the library again tomorrow.

The next day we all went back into the library, flying and invisible of course. When we entered, nothing happened. We headed for the pedestal in the middle of the room. Mokko hit one of the buttons, and a word appeard. he hit the other 7 buttons as well, and 7 words revealed themselves. The group shuffeled the words into a sentence. Mokko pushed the buttons in the order to get the sentence “Travel to the divine sky castle of Dragons”. And a portal appeared. Mokko of course took the credit for this team effort. We all went through the portal.

Suddenly they all complained about the cold. We were now at what looket like a ledge on a mountainside. And by the look of all the clouds around us, we were pretty high. Looking over the edge and down at the world bellow, I would say we were about 30 000 meters above sealevel. One could say we were on top of the world. On the other side of the ledge, there was carved out a 300 meter dragon mouth and in the mouth there was a gate. In front there was the skeleton of a 450 meter dragon, chained to the mountain. We traveled 200 meters onto the dragon mouth, and found the gate. The gate had some kind of hole in it, probably some sort of keyhole. But where is the key, I thought. And before I could make another thought, I was immersed in flames. In the distance I could hear Mokko shout “dragon breath”. In some mysterious way, we all survived.

Behind us we saw a 450 meter long Draconic Red Dinosaur Dracolich. And what do you know, in its forehead, an glowing item was embeded. And by the looks of it, it would make a exellent fit to the hole in the gate.

But we had to act fast. If we were to have any chance of survival, we had to take this lizard out before it got close enough for melee combat. Arthemis charged on against the Draco-lich. Seriously, that man has to hve a diagnosis of some kind. Nobody in their right mind would do that sort of thing! But he was to far, so he did not reach him. I cast a Globe of force around the injured members,, before hitting the Draco-lich with a Greater Ruin spell. It did massive damage, but was far from enough. Mokko followed wit one of his specialities, Fook`s sunray. This really did a number in the Draco-lich, but not enough to kill it. Te Draco-lich charged against us, but luckily it didnt manage to reach all the way. But it had another trick up its sleeve. The motherfucker casted a Mordekainens disjunction. This was sure to destroy all our items, even epic ones and artifacts. I just could not let this happen. So I used the Elder Wand and managed to dispell the disjunction before it could do any harm. Then suddenly the Draco-lich just fell to the ground in a big poof, and it was turned to dust. And by the dustpile, stood Arthemis. Sheathing his swords with a smug grin.

We retrieved the item from the dustpile, and put into the hole in the gate. And the gate opened. And behind the gate, was the last thing any of us would imagine. It revealed what looket to be the garden of eden. It looked like it was taken stright out of a bards tale. It was beyond beutiful, but still, I have a bad feeling about tis place…….


Anthrax the dispeller.




When the wall of fire came up, all the golems suddenly came to life. 72 golems came rushing in from all directions. With so many golems we needed to get the upper hand fast so I charged right at one and started swinging. Alas the golem was still standing after my charge I figured out its combat capabilities. It would soon fall. Otamata disappeared in to thin air, Anthrax was just standing there while Mokferuso changed in to his dragon form. Knarg sprinted for the exit while Arazaka turned in to a bear before he just vanished. The golems made their attacks on me butt they all missed. Suddenly Anthrax decided it was time to do something. He started casting some kind of spell and a gate appeared. Out of the gate came a freaking huge air elemental that started attacking and suspended most of the group in mid air. I finally managed to defeat my golem adversary. His friend went the same way. The third one looked like it was ready to fall but it stood fast. It seemed like Otamata got rid of the elemental. He cast a disintegration spell at it and it disappeared. God riddance. Just 70 golems to go. Anthrax managed to dispose of two more of the golems and it looked like we actually had a chance of defeating the lot of them. But the golems had other plans. They started merging 4 and 4 in to 18 super golems. The dead ones merged as well. This was not god at all.

I charged in again and expected to at least make a dent on one of the things. I gave it all I had and nothing happened. Not a scratch.  Mokferuso gave one a wholly of chlorine gas with the same result. The golem hit back and it looked like Mok really felt it. It was time for a tactical retreat. I grabbed Romana (who somehow had managed to survive a direct hit from one of the super golems) and exited the library. Luckily everyone made it out.


We regrouped outside the library and watched as the super golems went back to their places around the library. Unfortunately they remained in super golem form. It was decided to wait until the next day before we made a new attempt on the library. Mok and Ara went outside for some exploration while the rest of us stayed indoors.


The next day we re entered the library without activating the golems. We went over to the pedestal in the middle of the room again and started wondering what this buttons was fore. Eight buttons in a circle with no symbol on them. Mok pushed the top button and the word “sky “appeared over it. The rest of the buttons were also tried out, each showing a word. I suggested we probably needed to push all the buttons but in the right order so Mok pushed in “travel to the divine sky castle of dragons”. An eight pointed star appeared in the middle of the console and Mok pushed it. Suddenly a gate appeared and since we can’t turn away halfway we all entered.


We found ourselves on a platform high on a mountainside. Very high. Like 30.000m up.

It was freezing cold so those who were not immune to cold damage continued to loose health. The air was also so thin that it made flying impossible.

What we could see here on the platform was a 450m long skeleton of a dragon witch was chained to the wall. Next to it we saw a 300m tall dragon head carved in to the mountain side.

I walked over to the edge of the platform to have a look down but could not see anything else than the mountainside and some clouds far below.


The mouth looked like an entrance of sorts so we went over there. The dragon mouth was indeed an entrance. The tunnel stretched about 200m before it ended in a gate of sorts. We just noticed a fist sized groove in the gate most likely for a key when it felt like all the air was sucked out of the tunnel. We turned around just to see a wall of fire coming down the tunnel and hit us. When the flames died out we could see the what we thought to be the remains of a dragon looking down on us from the entrance. So the chained up dragon skeleton wasn’t all dead anyway. Just as I started running out to meet it we saw a fist sized jewel embedded in its forehead. That had to be the key for the gate.

I went in to “Heroic fight” and as I ran up the tunnel to meet the dragon I noticed beams of magical energy coming from behind hitting the dracolich. It looked like he was seriously hurt and he suddenly came rushing down the tunnel. Expecting the worst I braced myself for the coming attack. An attack that never came. He just rushed past me focused on the guys at the gate. They must have really pissed him off. But I’m not one to be ignored. A fatal mistake from his part.

Saying that he rushed past me isn’t that accurate. The dracolich was so long that when he reached the gate his body was right next to me. All I had to do was strike. I enabled my time stop ability and gave him hell. When the time stop expired a little later I was sitting on top of a heap of bones polishing my swords.


Three dracoliches encountered. Three dracoliches slain by Artemis. Granted I think the squints did most of the work this time but you don’t need to tell them that. You know these spell casters and their lofty egos.


We found the jewel and placed it in the socket on the gate.

The gate opened and we entered something that looked like a paradise. Green trees, a lake with a river and lots of wildlife. Very nice. I’m looking forward to finding out what kind of place this is.



Artemis Dupree


Blade of Lucifer

Innkeeper, Lilly of the West


The golems started moving. Arthemis did what he does best, -using his swords, and attacked one of them. He managed to give a certain amount of damage, but didn’t manage to put it at ease. Ottamata thought for a split second before disappearing hiding in plain sight, and slowly made his way to the Anthrax entrance/exit. Anthrax didn’t do anything, -to everyone’s surprise. Mokferusu changed into his dragon form, gave everyone more AC and entered air space. This time he actually managed to remember his sacred shield, to protect his vulnerable skin. It turned out that this was a clever ability to remember. Arazaka changed into his alter ego, a 6 meter tall brown bear, before becoming invisible and on his way to the Anthrax entrance/exit. Knarg went the same way.

The golems finally moved and attacked Arthemis with limited success. Some started, for some sick reason, to throw spears at Mokferuso. We still haven’t made it clear what went wrong in Anthrax’ train of thoughts. Suddenly he opened a portal to the Plain of air, and a big motherfucking wind element entered the library and started to attack us, throwing almost everyone into the air.

The golems still attacked Mokferuso, providing severe blows to his chest. The ancient dragon armor took the blows, but they actually managed to give him some damage. The rest of the pack was helplessly circulating around the air elemental, unable to move, fight or cast spells.

Arthemis slew a golem, and we didn’t manage to register what happened next. Ottamata , Romana and Anthrax were still captured in the whirlwind, so Mokferuso had to do something. First he made a “stoneskin” to himself, followed by an “Otto’s irresistible dance” and a “Disintegrate” spell at the wind monster, and to no one’s surprise, it vanished in thin air (sic.).  The flying circus fell to the floor. Satisfied with his brave deed, Mokferuso rested the rest of the round. Anthrax came to his senses and attacked the golems.

“This goes surprisingly well, and it’s all because of me!”, Mokferuso though. The golems had a different idea, and 4 of them started to merge into a super golem. To our surprise, so did the rest. Anthrax tried to attack them, but in vain. Anthrax was gone in a “poof”, and Mokferuso thought it, as always, would be up to him to finish this battle. An “improved invisibility” spell was performed, and he almost blew his lungs out when he spew a cloud of chlorine gas at a super golem. He got some second thoughts when he observed the super golem, and it was not affected at all. The super golem attacked him, and once again the sacred shield took some of the damage. But a blow made it through Mokferuso’s armor, giving him damage.  

We flew. All of us. Even the bravest understood that it would be madness to fight these golems. Impervious to magic and unable to hit.

We regrouped at a rendezvous point directly below the library and decided to wait until the next morning before reentering the library. Mokferuso and Arazaka went, hidden by invisible spells, outside, trying to get an architectural overview of the area.  But they didn’t succeed in finding something interesting, so they went back to the group and spend the night underground. This resulted in no heal during the night.

Inspired by yesterdays limited success, our group of heroes decided to reenter the library. Multiple invisibility spells were thrown, and we all flew up and into the room of super golems. Nothing happened, so we went to the pedestal in the center. Mokferuso hit the top button, it started glowing and a word came to sight; “Sky”. Now, after the first trial, the rest of the group also wanted to play the game, and in the end 8 words occurred. Mokferuso easily stacked them into a readable sentence; “Travel to the divine sky castle of Dragons”, and pushed the buttons in the right combination. An 8 edged star started to glow in the middle of the buttons, and Mokferuso pushed it with a gentle touch. A portal opened…

Mokferuso took the first step into the portal.  Suddenly it went cold, very cold. The sky almost surrounded him and the air was a bit hard to breath. The rest came through, and we suddenly realized that we were 30 000 meters up in the air. Flying was impossible here. A 300 meter high dragon mouth, carved out in the mountain was the only entrance we saw. The skeleton of a long dead 450 meter long dragon in chains guarded the entrance. Due to the cold, the tunnel sounded tempting, and we travelled 200 meters into the mountain. A huge gate structure was located at the end of the tunnel, and it had some kind of hole in it, fist sized.

In a split second, Mokferuso heard the weak sound of air being breathed in and then out, but had no chance in avoiding the effect; He just screamed “dragon breath”, before an intense fire hit the group from behind. Some were immune to the fire, other used their evasion ability. Arazaka had neither, but Romana used her ability to take group damage and ignore it, thereby saving Arazaka’s life. She has actually become a valuable member of the group; her abilities are unique. When they turned around they saw a 450 meter long Draconic Red Dinosaur Dracolich with a fist sized glowing object in his forehead…

The seniors in the group understood the seriousness of the situation; that was a pretty colossal big fucking dragon and probably the largest monster we had met: 450 meters long, MR of 650, immune to critical, 200 HD +++. “Impossible to kill!”, you say? It happened so fast;  Arthemis sped towards the dragon, but didn’t reach him. Anthrax casted a “Hemisphere of force” around Knarg, Ottamata, Arazaka and Romana, in order to protect them from whatever the dragon could come up with. He concluded with a “Greater ruin” spell, and hit the dracolich pretty good. Mokferuso thought well and ended up with one of his Dragon Mage spells, made especially for dealing with undead; “Fook’s sunray”. He hit the dragon even harder. It seemed like the group had the upper hand, but the Dracolich had other intentions. He rushed toward us, but we were just outside his reach. Now he threw a “Morderkainen’s disjunction” at us! And this was serious business, because the soon-to-be dead monster was a 200 HD creature. Anthrax really saved the day and dispelled the spell before it could do any harm. What happened the next second, I’m not sure, but Arthemis started to strike the monster, and suddenly it just fell. Nice one!

We studied the beast for a while and took the key to the portal and pushed it in the key hole. The door opened, we entered, and the gate closed behind us. We had entered the Garden of Eden…

We had stumbled upon a green valley, with trees, berries, fruits, birds and mammals, and some nymphs welcomed us. We saw the sky, but it was obvious to everyone that this was some kind of magic. A river ran towards us from the west, and in north we saw a lake. An interesting place, but where the hell are we and why?


Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata

The Hero Party


The Draconic Red Dinosaur Dracolich

The Draconic Red Dinosaur Dracolich


Arthemis in the garden of eden

Arthemis in the garden of eden



After resting that night, Mokferuso woke up and felt a bit odd. Slightly confused and slightly dizzy, and now the world was slightly reddish as well. “Probably just a bit uneasy after spending some time here at this wild place”, he thought. He got to his feet, exercised a bit, and went to see the others. He was a bit shocked when everyone looked like zombies, and he felt an urge to kill. Kill someone. Kill everyone. He managed to control himself, and joined the other in their heated discussion.

Ottamata didn’t say much, but everyone understood that his red rash on his hand somehow upset him. Arazaka didn’t have any, and nor did Arthemis, but both Romana and Mokferuso had the same symptoms. “A bit disturbing”, Ottamata said quietly. The ancient plague had once more entered the world, and we were the cause of it. A “remove curse” or “cure disease” spell would temporarily halt the symptoms at ease, and although a miracle spell, which we presently don’t have, would cure the persons infected, -but not remove the parasite from spreading, a demand for a permanent cure will be necessary. In that case, the innocent whale demigod has to be transformed into an antidote.  Not an easy decision.

Mokferuso took the hint. The evil dagger demolished in Dreamlands was the cause of his situation; -the evil spirit had finally entered his body. Mokferuso did what he had to do, and performed an exorcism ritual. The evil spirit screamed in vain as he was towed outside Mokferuso’s body, and utterly annihilated.

Mokferuso felt quite normal again and casted a “Hero’s feast” spell. The party gathered in this feast and got clenched from the ancient plague for one day.

Knarg came and joined us in the feast. He told us what he and Anthrax had experienced during the last night. He told a story about stupidity and bravery, of crocodiles and a vicious monster with tentacles, how he almost died and how Anthrax’ skills in medicine had saved his life. After wiping away drops and bits of the excellent wine and the chicken breasts, we followed him through a system of tunnels and a newly prepared hole in a floor, to a huge library. 72 gold golems with wings and spears somehow guarded the site, but didn’t move. “Just a matter of time”, Arazaka though. Anthrax was reading in a huge tome, and didn’t even replay when we greeted him. How rude! Knarg showed us around. The library contained 2048 different vaults. Each shelve was 80 x 5 x 10 meters, and each short side contained ends of 8 boxes, with 5 levers and a button. “A lot of combinations!”, Arthemis concluded. Although we all were excited of all the potential magical stuff found in these vaults, we felt a bit uneasy. “What if we pushed the wrong button”? Knarg was mostly concerned about the fact that there wasn’t an entrance to the room. We ignored him, and studied the levers instead.

5 levers with 2 positions gives 25 = 32 different combinations, exact the number of vaults on each row. We decided to try one combination, and Arthemis pushed the button. Suddenly a timer and a message appeared, and it turned out that we had exactly 5 minutes to solve a riddle. The first one took us by surprise, and we didn’t know the answer. We tried to push the button once more, but nothing happened. Conclusion; “If you fuck up and don’t answer correctly, you will not get a second chance.”

We chose a row which didn’t hold any interesting magic, and tried another combination. To our surprise, nothing happened. Nothing at all! “Strange”, Arthemis mumbled. We tried another, but nothing happened. A new combination was somehow correct, and a new timer and text appeared. But again we managed to screw things up by not knowing the correct answer. “Riddles, I hate riddles”, Arthemis uttered.
We tried one more, and the next riddle we actually managed to solve. One door opened; success!! This inspired us to continue, but the next riddle was hopelessly difficult. After that we had another failure, and then 3 strikes in a row. But still we hadn’t a solution how the levers worked. We tried some more, and when Arthemis finally managed one riddle, we understood how the combinations needed to enter each vault. Finally a success!!! But we still need to answer the riddles in order to enter the vaults, and here lies probably our biggest challenge. Maybe we can find some hints outside this room.

Knarg still whined about the missing entrance, and we went to help him. We started at the pedestal, and searched it one by one. Romana found some buttons under the tome, and we stood in a row to examine it further. We tried to remember coat-of-arms and symbols from outside, but none came to our minds. And we didn’t want to try some, in case we pushed the wrong ones. We discussed it for a while, and Arthemis used some magic to get hints from the past. The only thing he managed was to throw a “wall of fire” around the pedestal, and immediately the golems spread their wings and flew directly in his direction…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata
The Hero Party



-Anthrax, reader of books


The library

The library

Knarg and I desided that we wanted to explore the ruins a bit. Wandering around in the old ruins, Knarg suddenly fell through the vegetation. I managed to smash my way through the dense vegetation to try an find Knarg. There was a big pool of some kind under there, so I found Knarg unconcious in the jaws of a ridiculously big crocodile, and there were 11 more of them there. They were though opponents, but i managed to kill most of them. Some of them fled through a tunell near the bottom of the pool. I managed to get Knarg back to the surface, and get him concious, but he was in real bad shape. But the battle wasn`t over. Suddenly lots of huge tentacles shot up from the water, and lashed at us. I managed to fight them of for a while, but with poor Knarg in such bad shape, he was an easy target. One of the tentacles grabbed him, and pulled him under. No way!! I changed into a Tarasque, and plunged straight into the face of the monster below. I gave it a flurry of blows, but I could not kill it, before it escaped in a cloud of inc and blood. But I managed to see that it escaped through the same tunell as the crocs. So I  was soon in pursuite. I entered a huge tunelling system, with lots of tunells coming from all directions, but the bloodtrail made the monster easy to track. Suddenly, I came into a huge cave, with a roof of galss, and what lokked like a magnificent library above. And in the corner of the cave, I found the monster, klinging to Knarg, and its life. But no mercy, I had to save my dear old friend. Knarg was in such a bad shape now, that after a quick diagnostics, I found out that I was forced to perform surgery on him, if I was to save his life. Fortunately, the surgery went well.

I also found a magic potion in the cave. If you drink the potion, you become a white werewolf. But not time for that now, we have a library to plunder.

With the help of spells, we managed to enter the library. All the bookshelfs were protected by some sort of glass. As a result, all the books lookes to be in mint condition. But looking around, I saw that there were dozens of these golden statues in the room. So I figured thet there was som kind of mechanism on the protective glass, that would activate them if not opened correctly. But what also caught my curious eye, was a great tome in center of the room. The label spelled “Codex Of The Demigods”. But something told me that opening the book would be risky, but with potential great reward. I took the chance and soon felt that this was a mighty thome. It nearly killed me. After reading for a day, I learned a lot, but I also felt that this was mentaly exhausting. I read in the book the next 12-13 days, and felt more powerful for each day, but the book was getting mentaly harder for each day, so I dared not read any more, case I felt I was about to loose my mind. So I will leave the book for now, and tell the others about it, so they also can get the opportunity to read. But now I have to figure out a way to open these glasses.


-Anthrax, reader of books.






We desided to explore the spiders lair, figured it would hold great treasures. But as we ventured through the tunel, all we found was a secret entrance to an old library. There we found some interesting books containing some information of teh black death. It seemed like it was the diary of a doctor, trying to find a cure, before it was too late. It also explained teh symptoms of the plague, wich I will not go into detail about. The book also mentioned that the queen of the catpeople had locked her self up in her chambers. She was also trying to find a cure. She was locked up in a airtight chamber, with air to last for a month. After reading the books, we ventured out of the library, and into the jungle, again. But as soon as we entered the fabulous jungle, with all the marvelous trees, plants, insects and animals, living togheter in perfect harmony. We stumbled upon a sabertooth tiger. We tried to avoid confrontation with it, but he pounced right on Arthemis, giving him no other choice but to defend himself. The tiger soon realised that Arthemis was no easy prey and disapeared into the vegetation in the blink of an eye.

We had a few smaller encounters on our journey through the jungle, but nothing Arthemis couldn`t handle. Then one night we saw some old ruins further into the jungle, we desided to investigate. Mabye there would be some more clues to the plague here I thought, while Arthemis said he was only interested in finding some mighty tresure. That greedy poultry. We explored the ruins, and suddenly stumbled upon what lokked like it could be the queens chambers. Looking for answers regarding the plague, we tried to enter. But it had no handles or anything, it just looked like a solid wall. In the hallway leading to the chamber, therewere also a whole lot of  suspicious looking golden statues. So I figured we needed a password, and with the statues in mind, we had to have the correct one at the first try. Arthemis used one of his magic tricks, and aquired the password. How he did it I don`t know and honestly, I don`t really care. The door opened, and there was a big puff of old dust, when the air entered the chaimbers. Inside we found the queen, sitting in her throne, as dead as they come. She had all her battle gear with her, and a big tresure. Before I could get a overview of the room, Arthemis was already digging his greedy hands into the tresure. And suddenly a enormous golden hydra emerged from the goldpile. How could he not have learned?!? But the hydra came to short as most others, trying to outmatch Arthemis. We also found some research writings left by the queen. So we will take a look at them at a later time. Now, the adventure must go on……

The biggest event during the whole session was the fact that Anthrax actually has begun understand the difficult relations nature is build upon, where the large woods play a major role. He suddenly understood the importance of having a healthy breathing mechanism, -also in a place as this. A big “Hurray” for Anthrax! We hope he also will understand the role animals have in nature.

Anyway; Arthemis found himself surrounded by an individual from the Tiny People. A curious little fellow, busy inspecting Arthemis’ backpack, -a gift from Arazaka after Arthemis’ backpack somehow, mysteriously started to burn, and turned it into a nest of some sort, was quickly named Nibbler.  Nibbler was doing his own stuff, making his home in the mentioned backpack, and we hardly noticed him. Arthemis had an experience; The poor fellow didn’t see, hear or feel a thing, but Nibbler actually took out a part of his brain and ate it.  Than he decided to take a nap. He slept a lot. Mokferuso and Arazaka Hara picked 8 different species from the different herbs found throughout the area, carefully placing them in different jars, and the night after we left the Tiny People and followed a yellow star, now found in a totally different place than yesterday evening. Anyway, Nibbler refused to leave us and stayed in the backpack, leaving his people behind.

The walking during night went fine, and so did the next day and night. The day after, Nibbler started to move around, and flew above Arthemis’ head. He drew something odd from his small brain and offered it to Arthemis, who without second thought picked it up an ate it. A quite spectacular view! After that Nibbler returned to his backpack and disappeared for a while. Arthemis got some abilities from Nibbler, they have possibly connected somehow.

We noticed a fortification of some sort on our right side, and decided to inspect it further. We arrived early that morning, and when the sun’s fingers stroke the stairs outside the building, it was reflected in gold. Gold ornaments. The building was actually a huge temple; circular, with a diameter of approximately 70 meters. A temple of good, but fungus, moss and plants covered it and the ground outside. The roof was held up by stone pillars, huge oil drums and mirrors in addition to ornaments decorated the room. 6 gold statues of the cat (jaguar?) people surrounded a lid with 4 locks. The roof was covered by an enormious (sic.) gold dragon was drawn made of gold (sic.).

In his inner eye, Arthemis saw back in time, and discovered that the 6 statues actually were 6 high level priests who said rites and was covered in gold. We guessed that the gold dragon in the roof was created in this way, as a protector of the temple. They gave 4 keys to different persons before dying. The four keys would probably fit into the 4 locks, but the problem was to locate the 4 keys. Romana refused to start looking for them (-a rude gesture when you think of how much we have sacrificed to get her safe and sound to the dragon lair and back; 6 months of exile, ). Arthemis decided to look for them himself. He and Nibbler disappeared and reappeared some minutes later with the keys. Nice work, Arthemis! Nibbler was slightly paler, thought.

We inserted the keys and turned them simultaneously. It opened. A 3 meter wide well came in sight, and water was observed beneath. We entered, found a door, opened it, went in, closed it and opened a second door. A fragile golden egg appeared, with inscriptions and ornaments. We carefully lifted it up and transported it upstairs for a closer inspection from Arazaka. The egg was an ancient development. The cat people made it for a champion among its people. The champion could break the egg, and he would experience some major improvements; feats, epic feats, wps, stat pluses etc. If the person dies, the egg will restore and again absorb the abilities. As always, we thought of the good of the group. Knarg have slightly had anything the past months, so he broke the egg, which turned into a very small egg, and got the benefits of it and in addition he got the ranger equipment. Go Knarg!

The next night a T-Rex attacked us. Without much effort, Arthemis cut it into small pieces and left it to rot. Mime got an eye, though.

A meadow nearly became someone’s bane, as we fell through it and landed on a large spider’s web. A 30 meter long spider appeared, and I guess everyone felt a bit pity for the poor monster which soon was going to be transformed into meat and bones. Rommel made a stunning roar and Arthemis made his swords do the talking. Seconds later, the team was on their way into it’s lair…

Mokferuso, Arazaka Hara and Ottamata


We had started on our return. It seemed that the paladin had got what she came for. On the first camp we split the loot from our trip. Mokko handed me a mighty wand, that we got from the dead wizard. On our return we passed through the little peoples camp. One of them had a keen eye on Athemis, and followed im when we left. It never left Arthemis side, flying around him and resting in his backpack. But after a few days, when we had set the camp, I saw it do something strange. It sat on Arthemis` head, and it looked like it draged a piece of his soul out of him, and ate it !?! I did not know how to react to this. But it seemed Arthemis did not sustain any harm from this insident, though he whined about being cold and freezing the next few days. But then suddenly one day, it seemed like Arthemises new love, pulled a piece of it`s own soul out and handed him. Arthemis ate it, and started glowing just like the little people. After that he never complaiend about the cold. And he said that he felt stronger than ever.

On the road we encountered some grusome dinos, but Arthamis made short work of them all. Then we passed by some ruins not far from our path. We desided to investigate. The ruins was some old temple. A big dome laced in gold revealed it self inside the temple. In the middle of the dome there were 6 golden statues in what looked like a circle of prayer. And in the middle of the circle was a hatch, with 4 locks on it. With the help of mighty magic, Mokko and Arthemis managed to get the locations og the 4 keys. Suddenly Arthemis disappeared, like he teleported. He was gone just a few minutes, before he returned with the 4 keys.

So we opened the hatch. Inside it looked like a well, going far under ground. We all jumped in and started to swim down. We swam trough several rooms in the bottom, before we came to a new room, with no water inside. But in the middle of the room we saw a big golden egg.

The egg was indeed magical. We dicused a bit about it, before we agreed that Knarg was the one to get the magic benefit of the egg. So he broke it, and it`s magic entered Knarg. The egg was now the size of a normal egg. So Karg put it in his pocket for safe keeping.

We then left the temple. heading back to the path. But suddenly the ground caved in under our feet. We fell down a huge cave, and those who can`t fly landed in a huge spiderweb. Out of a hole in the wall, a monstrous spider appeared. But Mokko some how managed to stun it, giving Arthemis the opportunity to do what he does best. So we got our self out of the cave, and continued our voyage.


Anthrax, your friendly neighborhood necromancer.