Aikido originates from Den Gylne Keisers Rike, and is an unarmed combat style kept alive by secretive, closed family schools. The objective of Aikido is not to defeat your opponent, but rather to make sure everyone stays out of harm’s way. This is accomplished by turning your body movements fluid as water, thus making you a much more elusive target, while using the power and momentum of your opponent to your advantage.

Weapon Proficiency

You cannot dedicate any slots to Aikido until you have found an Aikido Master who is willing to teach you the most rudimentary techniques. Once you have been accepted as a student, you can continue your progression on your own. But in order to unlock the (much more effective and lethal) secrets of Aikido, you have to become an Aikido Fighter (fighter class).

Every proficiency slot in Aikido gives you +1 hit and +1 attack.
Aikido hit rating is not based upon STR, but DEX.
Aikido is a defensive art, and can only be used when you are attacked and unarmed. In addition, it requires that you do not wear any kind of armor.
If someone attacks you and scores a hit, you can use Aikido to try to counter the attack (DC = opponent’s thaco +12). If you succeed, you avoid the blow and can move either yourself or your opponent 5 feet in any direction. On a natural 20, you also end your opponent’s turn.
Aikido can be used against any opponent up to one size category larger than you.

The martial art of Jiu Jutsu was developed by the Shaolin Monk order, and quickly became known as the most effective defensive style when Shaolin monks started defeating all and any opposition in tournaments and contests (sumo wrestlers gave them a run for their money at first, but they soon adapted a more aggressive approach against the massive wrestlers). Another defensive art, Aikido, is practiced by some, but it has its shortcomings compared to Jiu Jutsu.

Weapon Proficiency

Anatomy Humanoids NWP

Using Jiu jutsu:
Whenever someone attacks you, regardless of whether they actually hit or not, you can chose to use an attack to try to counter their attack. normal parry rules apply (DC = opponent’s hit + 12). If your attack is successful, you negate their hit (with a few exceptions).

Only characters who start out in Vest, Solriket or den Gylne Keisers rike can chose Jiu Jutsu at level 1. Other characters either have to travel to said countries to learn it or practice under someone who knows the art already.
Jiu Jutsu cannot be used aggressively, only to counter attacks. And since it is an unarmed combat style,  you cannot be armed when using it. In addition, it cannot be used against armed opponents until you have designated 3 slots to the art.
Also, you can only use Jiu Jutsu against humanoids up to one size category larger than yourself.

When using Jiu jutsu, you get as many counters as the art allows you, and they do not count towards your attacks/actions the next round.

Jiu Jutsu and Specialization:
The first slot gives you +1 attack, +1 hit/dmg and +1 modifier on the Jiu Jutsu table.
The second and subsequent slots give you +1 hit/dmg/table modifier.
The third slot allows you to use Jiu Jutsu against armed opponents.

Jiu Jutsu Table:

Roll Dmg KO%    Maneuver
20    2    15    *Throw
19    2    10    **Pressure Point Strike to the head
18    1    10    ***Choke Lock
17    0    0    Grab
16    2    7    **Pressure Point Strike to the neck
15    2    5    *Throw, and the opponent must save vs Paralyze on his attacking arm
14    0    0    Regular Parry
13    1    3    ***Wristlock
12    1    2    ****Body Punch
11    0    0    Sudden Sidestep (5 feet in any direction)
10    1    1    *Trip
9    1    2    ****Low kick
8    0    0    Disarm
7    1    3    ***Elbow Lock
6    1    5    **Pressure Point Strike to the chest
5    2    7    *Throw
4    2    8    **Pressure Point Strike to the stomach
3    0    0    Sudden Leap (10 feet in any direction)
2    1    15    ***Choke Lock
1    2    20    *Throw

*The opponent ends up on the ground and must use a move action to get up or continue fighting on the ground.
**You take damage if you were hit, but can be quite powerful if you also know Dim Mak.
***See wrestling rules on Locks. Choke Locks also makes opponents pass out if they are unable to free themselves when it’s their turn. They die after 1/3 CON rounds if the lock is maintained.
****You take damage if you were hit.

The Black Sand Fighting Style is used by the Black Sand Assassins, and is unavailable for everyone else. The assassins can use all their WPs on this style if they want, and even though it is an unarmed combat style, its benefits work on exotic weapons as well.

When chosing the first slot on Black Sand Fighting, the Black Sand Assassin must choose between 3 different approaches. This choice cannot be changed later. The 3 variations of the style are:

Accurate: +1 hit/lvl
Damaging: +1 dmg/lvl
Defensive: +1 natural AC/lvl

The benefits from the first slot is either the bonus from Accurate, Damaging or Defensive, in addition to +1 attack/hit/dmg/AC and +1 range on the Martial arts table.

From the 2nd slot onwards, the Assassin gains +1 attack/hit/dmg/AC and one maneuver from Table 19 in The Complete Ninja’s Handbook. All Maneuvers in all Principal Merhods are available, but you still must have chosen all earlier Maneuvers in a Principal Method to chose one that comes later.

For every 5 slots taken, the Assassin also gets to choose between the following abilities:
Hide in Plain Sight
Freedom of Movement
Fast Healing 1/lvl
Vanish – once daily, disappear just before taking damage and reappear up to 5 feet/lvl with an automatic attempt to MS/HS
Improved Unarmed Strike
Stunning Fist
Ki Strike
Dimension Step – once daily at will, disappear and reappear nearby during your own turn, range is 10 feet/lvl
Ki Breath – hold breath for 1 turn/lvl daily
Ki Strength – increase STR by +5 one round/lvl daily
Ki Movement – able to walk on water 5 feet/lvl or through solid material 1 feet/lvl twice each daily
Ki Power – allowed a second save if the first fails, once daily
Greater Ki Power – requires Ki Power, allowed a save against effects which do not have saves once daily, save vs Death DC 20

Advanced Epic Potion Maker (Int DC 100)

5 slots in Epic Potion Maker NWP
Character level 30
Int 25

An advanced epic potion maker is able to create potions which are not only epic, but also regarded as epic items. These potions are hard to make, take a long time to research, but once completed, can do almost anything. The base DC of learning and creating a potion is 100. The time spent learning the recipe equals the DC, and the cost is 1.000g per day spent (while the xp gained from learning it is ten times the gold cost). Creating the potion takes 1 day pr DC and the cost is 100g pr day spent (while the xp for creating it equals 1 pr. gold cost). If you fail a learning or creation roll, you get a new roll after DC days, but with a +1 to your roll. Repeat this until you succeed (this means that an advanced epic potion maker WILL succeeed eventually). However, a natural 1 is not an automatic failure, and a natural 20 is not an automatic success.

What kind of potion do you want to create? You can choose from the following list of effects, and choose your own as well (as long as the DM approve them):

*Wild Shape Ability (+10 DC)
**Shape Change Ability (+20 DC)
New Form (+1 DC pr. 1k xp – if your Wild Shape or Shape Change alters you into a 975xp creature, the DC is +1, and it it is a 100k xp creature, the DC is +100)
+1 Ability (not above 25) (+2 DC)
+1 Ability (above 25) (+10 DC)
+1 Initiative (+4 DC)
+1 hit (+2 DC)
+1 natural AC (+2 DC)
+1 hp (+2 DC)
+1 physical dmg (+2 DC)
+1 all damage (+10 DC)
+1 Regeneration (+4 DC)
+1 Fast Healing (+2 DC)
+1 DR/All (+2 DC)
+1 SR/All (+2 DC)
+1% MR (+1 DC)
+1 all saves (+2 DC)
+1 encounter reaction vs specific types (+2 DC)
+1 universal encounter reaction (+4 DC)
+10% Base Ground Movement (+4 DC)
+10% Base Movement (+8 DC)
Low-Light Vision (+1 DC pr. 60 feet)
Infravision (+2 DC pr. 60 feet)
Darkvision (+4 DC pr. 60 feet)
Darkvision, no range (+50 DC)
Heal automatically at the beginning of every round (+100 DC)
Able to cast a spell once a day (+2 DC pr. spell level – being able to cast a lvl 3 spell once daily adds +6 DC)
Able to cast a spell more than once a day (+3 DC pr. spell level and +1 DC pr additional casting – being able to cast a lvl 3 spell 3 times daily adds +11 DC)
Able to cast a spell at will (+5 DC pr. spell level – being able to cast a lvl 3 spell at will adds +15 DC)
Permanent spell effect (+5 DC pr. spell level)
WP/NWP/Proficiency/Feat (+10 DC)
Epic Feat (+20 DC)

*Wild Shape is a move action, and the new form must be an animal from the MM. On top of your own stats, you add the animal’s AC, movement, hit, damage and MR. You also gain its abilities, attack types, number of attacks, special attacks and special defenses. See also the New Form DC.

**Shape Change is a move action and the new form must be from the MM. On top of your own stats, you add the creature’s AC, movement, hit, damage and MR. You also gain its abilities, attack types, number of attacks, special attacks and special defenses. See also the New Form DC.

Modifiers to the potion DC:
If you decide to make a potion whose powers only manifest while you are Wild Shaped or Shape Changed, the DC of the powers is halved.
You can also add some cons to the potion, which will lower its DC:
Survive an ability check when drinking potion or die (-1 DC pr DC of check)
-1 Ability (-1 DC)
-1 encounter reaction vs specific types (-1 DC)
-1 universal encounter reaction (-2 DC)
Restrictions to your Wild Shape/Shape Change ability:
Alignment change during wild shape or shape change (-5 DC)
Only useable at specific times (-2 DC)
Possible Fatigue (-2 DC)
Possible hit/dmg/AC loss (-3 DC pr combined hit/dmg/AC lost)
Possible movement penalties (-1 DC pr. 10% penalty)
Possible penalties to saves/ability & proficieny checks (-1 DC pr combined penalty)

Epic Potion Maker NWP (Int DC 100)

In order to choose the Epic Potion Maker NWP, you need:
Brew Epic Potions Feat
Character level 20
5 slots in Potion Maker NWP

For every additional slot in Epic Potion Maker NWP, you add +4 to your roll. There is NO maximum amount of slots you can dedicate to Epic Potion Maker NWP.

The base DC of learning and brewing epic potions is 100. The research required to learning a new epic potion recipe costs 100 gold per day of research. In addition, the time spent equals 1 day pr DC of the potion. A successful discovery grants 1k xp pr. DC of the potion. If you add more days to your research, you do not get any modifiers to your roll. Creating an epic potion takes 1d100 days, and spending more days creating it does not add any modifiers to your roll either.

The cost of potions is the cost besowed upon the imbiber, not the brewer. Non-specific costs such as 1d3 etc. mean 1d3 of a random ability score. Potions can be imbibed, while Oils are meant for items. Unless otherwise noted, all effects are [Su] or [Sp], and can be turned off and on at will (as a free action), but will not be affected by anti-magic zones. They will, however, be neutralized in dead-magic zones unless the player is powerful enough not to be affected by such zones. The [Ex] effects cannot be turned off.



#    Name                Duration    Cost
1    Comprehend Languages        Permanent    1 CON
2    Detect Evil            Permanent    1 CON
3    Detect Invisibility        Permanent    1 CON
4    Detect Magic            Permanent    1 CON
5    Infravision 120 feet        Permanent    1 CON
6    Protection from cantrips        Permanent    1 CON
7    Protection from Evil        Permanent    1 CON
8    Protection from normal missiles    Permanent    1 CON
9    Read Magic            Permanent    1 CON
10    Tongues            Permanent    1 CON
11    Unseen Servant            Permanent    1 CON
12    Enlarge                Permanent    1 CON
13    Invisibility            Permanent    1 CON
14    Chill Touch            Permanent    1d3
15    Detect Undead            Permanent    1d3
16    Feather Fall            Permanent    1d3
17    Spider Climb            Permanent    1d3
18    Ventriloquism            Permanent    1d3
19    Blur                Permanent    1d3
20    Oil of Deeppockets        Permanent    None
21    ESP                Permanent    1d3
22    Oil of Fool’s Gold        10 years    None
23    Know Alignment            Permanent    1d3
24    Locate Object            Permanent    1d3
25    Oil of Magic Mouth        Permanent    None
26    Pyrotechnics            Permanent    1d3
27    Blink                Permanent    1d3
28    Clairaudience            Permanent    1d3
29    Clairvoyance            Permanent    1d3
30    Fly                Permanent    1d3
31    Non-detection            Permanent    1d3
32    Water Breathing            Permanent    1d3
33    Wraith Form            Permanent    1d3
34    Detect Scrying            Permanent    1d3
35    Fire Shield            Permanent    1d3
36    Teleport                Instant        None
37    Oil of Stone to Flesh        Permanent    None
38    True Seeing            Permanent    1d3
39    Teleport Without Error        Instant        None
40    Vision                Instant        None
41    Mind Blank            Permanent    1d3
42    Oil of Symbol            As spell        None
43    Astral Spell            As spell        None
44    Shape Change            As spell        None
45    Time Stop            As spell        None
46    Wish                As spell        As spell
47    Pass Without Trace        Permanent    1d3
48    Sanctuary            Permanent    1d3
49    Speak with Animals        Permanent    1d3
50    Negative Plane Protection    Permanent    1d3
51    Free Action            Permanent    1d3
52    Plane Shift            As spell        None
53    Heal                As spell        None
54    Regenerate            As spell        None
55    Restoration            As spell        As spell
56    Resurrection            As spell        As spell
57    Wind Walk            As spell        None
58    *Fishman [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
59    Negate first killing effect [Ex]    Until triggered    1d6
60    +20 hp [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
61    **Birdman [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
62    +5 hit [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
63    +5 all dmg [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
64    +5 natural AC [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
65    +20% MR [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
66    +20% Spell Penetration [Ex]    Permanent    1d6
67    +5 DR/All [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
68    +5 SR/All [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
69    +5 all saves [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
70    +5 Fast Healing [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
71    Bypass +5 DR [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
72    +5 DC on saves [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
73    +1 Crit Range [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
74    +5 Initiative [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
75    +50% Base Movement [Ex]    Permanent    1d6
76    Current HPX10 [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
77    +100% MR [Ex]            1d4+1 rounds    2d3
78    +100 natural AC [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
79    +100 DR/All [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
80    +100 SR/All [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
81    +50 all saves [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
82    +25 all ability checks [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
83    +100 Fast Healing [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
84    +50 Regeneration [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
85    Immune to Critical hits [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
86    Immune to non-epic spells [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
87    Immune to non-epic weapons [Ex]1d4+1 rounds    2d3
88    All damageX10 [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
89    +100% spell penetration    [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
90    +100 hit     [Ex]            1d4+1 rounds    2d3
91    Bypass +100 DR [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
92    +50 DC on saves [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
93    +25 DC on ability checks [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
94    +10 crit range [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
95    +20 Initiative [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
96    +1d6 random ability [Ex]        Permanent    1d3
97    ***Improved Fishman [Ex]    Permanent    None
98    ****Lingering Life [Ex]        Permanent    None
99    ?Wild Green Potion [Ex]        Permanent    None
100    ??Flaming Red Potion [Ex]    Until triggered    None
101    ???Oil of Armor [Ex]        Permanent    None
102    ????Scent [Ex]            Permanent    None
103    #Oil of Toughness [Ex]        Permanent    None
104    ##Oil of Prowess [Ex]        Permanent    None
105    ###Improved Spider Climb [Ex]    Permanent    None
106    ####Evasive Oil [Ex]        Permanent    None

*Grow gills and skin between fingers and swim at double land movement.
**Sprout wings and fly at double land movement.
***Grow gills when immersed in water and survive dives down to lvlX1000m
****Able to survive and keep on fighting/staying concious until – lvl hp. You automatically stabilize, and only die at -lvl+1 hp. You cannot be healed by spells or spell-like abilities until you return to 0 hp or more.
?Your magic works normally in Wild Magic zones (including the Wild World)
??A flame in a bottle. Drink the flame and the first time you die, you burst into flames and ashes until you reappear from the ashes the next round, fully restored.
???+1 natural armor to skin or +5 AC [Su] to armor or shield. This bonus is cumulative with any other previous bonuses.
????Scent ability. Able to track anything ground based with 50% certainty. No circumstances will affect this percentage positively or negatively.
#+5 DR/All to skin or +20 DR/All [Su] to armor or shield.
##+1 hit/dmg to skin or +5 hit/dmg [Su] to weapon. This bonus is cumulative with any other previous bonuses.
###Able to climb any surface during any conditions at base land movement.
####Add Evasion to skin or Improved Evasion [Su] to armor or shield.


Potion Maker NWP (Int DC 20)

Requirements for this NWP:
Reading/Writing NWP
Chemistry NWP
Advanced Chemistry NWP
Alchemy NWP
Advanced Alchemy NWP
Brew Potion Feat
Character level 12
Every additional slot in the 4 required NWPs add +2 to the Potion Maker roll, and every additional slot in Potion Maker NWP adds +4. A maximum of 5 slots is possible in any NWP, and the best bonus you can achieve is +48 to the roll. However, Poisons NWP adds +2 for every slot, bringing the possible bonus up to +58.
Lastly, the following NWPs add +1 to your roll regardless of how many slots you have:
Brewing, Cooking, Field of Study (all and any of the required NWPs), Herbalism, Mathematics, Observation, Pharmacy, Scribing, Spellcraft and Wine Making.

Learning a new potion recipe:
Learning a new recipe grants 10xp pr. gold it costs to create the potion. The cost of discovering a new recipe is 10 times the manufacture cost of the potion per day spent researching. When you want to learn a new recipe, you decide upon which recipe you want to learn, and then spend a full day at the lab, paying the relevant cost in materials. At the end of the day you roll a Potion Maker check with the relevant DC (an Animal Control recipe is DC 20 while Tongues recipe is DC 75). If the roll is successful (a natural 1 is always a failure and a natural 20 is always a success), you have learned a new recipe. If you fail your roll, you can continue researching the next day, and pay the same cost again, but now add +1 to your roll. You can continue doing this until you have learned the recipe.

Creating a potion:
Brewing regular potions take one day once you know how to make them. The DC and cost is on the table below. If the DC of making the potion is a bit high, you can decide to spend more than just one day creating it. Decide in advance how many consecutive days you want to spend making it. Once those days are up (and you have spent the same creation cost every day), you get your roll, but with a +1 to your roll per additional day spent creating the potion. Note that this process differs from the recipe learning process, since you only get one roll when creating potions.

Standard Potions (AD&D 2nd Ed)
1    Animal Control, DC 20, 250g
2    Clairaudience, DC 20, 250g
3    Clairvoyance, DC 20, 250g
4    Climbing, DC 20, 250g
5    Diminuition, DC 30, 300g
6    Dragon Control, DC 70, 700g
7    Elixir of Health, DC 35, 350g
8    Elixir of Youth, DC 50, 500g
9    ESP, DC 50, 500g
10    Extra-Healing, DC 40, 400g
11    Fire Breath, DC 40, 400g
12    Fire Resistance, DC 25, 250g
13    Flying, DC 50, 500g
14    Gaseous Form, DC 30, 300g
15    Giant Control, DC 60, 600g
16    Giant Strength, DC 55, 550g
17    Growth, DC 25, 250g
18    Healing, DC 20, 200g
19    Heroism, DC 30, 300g
20    Human Control, DC 50, 500g
21    Invisibility, DC 25, 250g
22    Invulnerability, DC 35, 350g
23    Levitation, DC 25, 250g
24    Longevity, DC 50, 500g
25    Oil of Acid Resistance, DC 50, 500g
26    Oil of Disenchantment, DC 75, 750g
27    Oil of Elemental Invulnerability, DC 50, 500g
28    Oil of Etherealness, DC 60, 600g
29    Oil of Fiery Burning, DC 50, 500g
30    Oil of Impact, DC 75, 750g
31    Oil of Slipperiness, DC 40, 400g
32    Oil of Timelessness, DC 50, 500g
33    Philter of Glibness, DC 50, 500g
34    Philter of Love, DC 20, 200g
35    Philter of Persuasiveness, DC 40, 400g
36    Plant Control, DC 25, 250g
37    Polymorph Self, DC 20, 200g
38    Rainbow Hues, DC 20, 200g
39    Speed, DC 20, 200g
40    Super-Heroism, DC 45, 450g
41    Sweet Water, DC 20, 200g
42    Treasure Finding, DC 60, 600g
43    Undead Control, DC 70, 700g
44    Ventriloquism, DC 20, 200g
45    Vitality, DC 30, 300g
46    Water Breathing, DC 40, 400g

Advanced Potions (3.5 Ed) (these potions mimic the spells described in 3.5 Ed)
47    Cure Light Wounds, DC 25, 250g
48    Endure Elements, DC 25, 250g
49    Hide from Animals, DC 25, 250g
50    Hide from Undead, DC 25, 250g
51    Jump, DC 25, 250g
52    Mage Armor, DC 25, 250g
53    Magic Fang, DC 25, 250g
54    Oil of Magic Stone, DC 25, 250g
55    Oil of Magic Weapon, DC 25, 250g
56    Pass Without Trace, DC 25, 250g
57    Protection from (alignment), DC 25, 250g
58    Remove Fear, DC 25, 250g
59    Sanctuary, DC 25, 250g
60    Shield of Faith +2, DC 25, 250g
61    Oil of Shillelagh, DC 25, 250g
62    Oil of Bless Weapon, DC 30, 300g
63    Enlarge Person, DC 45, 450g
64    Reduce Person, DC 45, 450g
65    Aid, DC 50, 500g
66    Barkskin +2, DC 50, 500g
67    Bear’s Endurance, DC 50, 500g
68    Blur, DC 50, 500g
69    Bull’s Strength, DC 50, 500g
70    Cat’s Grace, DC 50, 500g
71    Cure Moderate Wounds, DC 50, 500g
72    Oil of Darkness, DC 50, 500g
73    Darkvision, DC 50, 500g
74    Delay Poison, DC 50, 500g
75    Eagle’s Splendor, DC 50, 500g
76    Fox’s Cunning, DC 50, 500g
77    Oil of Invisibility, DC 50, 500g
78    Lesser Restoration, DC 50, 500g
79    Oil of Levitate, DC 50, 500g
80    Misdirection, DC 50, 500g
81    Owl’s Wisdom, DC 50, 500g
82    Protection from Arrows 10/magic, DC 50, 500g
83    Remove Paralysis, DC 50, 500g
84    Resist Energy (type) 10, DC 50, 500g
85    Shield of Faith +3, DC 50, 500g
86    Spider Climb, DC 50, 500g
87    Undetectable Alignment, DC 50, 500g
88    Barkskin +3, DC 60, 600g
89    Shield of Faith +4, DC 60, 600g
90    Resists Energy (type) 20, DC 70, 700g
91    Cure Serious Wounds, DC 75, 750g
92    Oil of Daylight, DC 75, 750g
93    Displacement, DC 75, 750g
94    Oil of Flame Arrow, DC 75, 750g
95    Fly, DC 75, 750g
96    Gaseous Form, DC 75, 750g
97    Greater Magic Fang +1, DC 75, 750g
98    Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +1, DC 75, 750g
99    Haste, DC 75, 750g
100    Heroism, DC 75, 750g
101    Oil of Keen Edge, DC 75, 750g
102    Magic Circle against (alignment), DC 75, 750g
103    Oil of Magic Vestment +1, DC 75, 750g
104    Neutralize Poison, DC 75, 750g
105    Nondetection, DC 75, 750g
106    Protection from energy (type), DC 75, 750g
107    Rage, DC 75, 750g
108    Remove Blindness/Deafness, DC 75, 750g
109    Remove Curse, DC 75, 750g
110    Remove Disease, DC 75, 750g
111    Tongues, DC 75, 750g
112    Water Breathing, DC 75, 750g
113    Water Walk, DC 75, 750g
114    Barkskin +4, DC 75, 750g
115    Shield of Faith +5, DC 80, 800g
116    Good Hope, DC 80, 800g
117    Resist Energy (type) 30, DC 80, 800g
118    Barkskin +5, DC 80, 800g
119    Greater Magic Fang +2, DC 80, 850g
120    Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +2, DC 80, 800g
121    Oil of Magic Vestment +2, DC 80, 800g
122    Protection from Arrows 15/magic, DC 80, 800g
123    Greater Magic Fang +3, DC 85, 850g
124    Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +3, DC 85, 850g
125    Oil of Magic Vestment +3, DC 85, 850g
126    Greater Magic Fang +4, DC 90, 900g
127    Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +4, DC 90, 900g
128    Oil of Magic Vestment +4, DC 90, 900g
129    Greater Magic Fang +5, DC 95, 950g
130    Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +5, DC 95, 950g
131    Oil of Magic Vestment +5, DC 95, 950g

Brewing a successful (or broken, but not failed) potion grants 1xp pr gold cost of the potion.

The Potion Maker NWP check is rolled by the DM. On a natural 1, broken potions will be created. The exact nature of these potions can only be revealed by an identify spell or better, and they have all the same characteristics of the potion the maker was trying to create. So a failed result is not evident until the effects manifest themselves after imbibing the broken potion. And if the check is merely failed, the materials and time spent creating the potion are lost while the potion itself turns into a grey, watery, foul-smelling substance which has no positive or negative effect should it be imbibed.

Potion of Delusion
Elixir of Madness
Oil of Fumbling
Philter of Stammering and Stuttering