The Picts are originally from Avalon, a fabled kingdom where King Arthur and his knights reigned from Castle Camelot. When Arthur and his men were slain by the demon Daliah, the whole of Avalon was transformed into treacherous swampland. And it stayed that way for almost a millennium, until the day a direct descendant of the old king entered Camelot and claimed it as his own. Brent Campbell of Breadalbane was his name, and the picts swore allegiance to King Brent. After Brent was crowned king, the swamps reverted back to forests and farmland, but the picts stayed the same. After a thousand years of living in the most deadly swamps known to man, they had become master survivalists.

+1 STR
+1 DEX
+2 CON
-5 CHA

Picts ignore hp rolls of 1-3.
All HD categories are one die size larger – wizards roll d6, rogues d8, priests d10 and fighters d12.
Low light vision
Infravision 120 feet
Move without trace in swamps and marshes
95% undetectable in swamps and marshes if they stand still
50% MR
Con bonus to saves (same as dwarves)
Immune to Fear

Bonus NWP:
Survival (swamp)
Sign Language
signaling (underground)

The trademark of the picts is their fondness of the dark and how they have adapted to it. In everything from the greyness of dusk to pitch black, they use their hearing and infravison in a form of blind-fighting which grants them +2 hit and AC.

On rare occasions, dragons mate with other creatures. The result, if any, is a Half Dragon. Even though Half Dragons mature quickly, they also have a short life span. One year after the half dragon is born, it has reached the equivalent of a 15 year old human. And after 10 more years (with the physical characteristics of a 26 year old) they die. Without exception. The only half dragon which has been known to avoid this demise, is the infamous son of Zarovich, the Dragon Rider Strahd von Zarovich. However, there has been at least one more half dragon which has been able to prolong his lifespan, although his identity is a well kept secret (as well as how he managed to accomplish this feat).

Half Dragons are born with the following abilities:

All HD are d12
+1 hit pr. lvl/HD
30 feet Darkvision
Low-Light Vision
Large and bigger creatures grow wings and fly at twice land speed
+1 natural AC pr. lvl/HD
Breath Weapon half the size of parent dragon which deals 6d8 dmg (otherwise same characteristics, damamge type etc.)
Same immunities as parent dragon
+4 STR
+3 DEX
+2 CON
+1 INT

In addition, their draconic heritage will manifest itself physically in one of several ways:

Scales: +1 natural AC every year
Claws: +1d4 dmg on natural attacks
Bite: +1d8 dmg on bite
Birthmark shaped as a dragon: Able to cast same spells as parent dragon
Same colour eyes as skin of dragon: +1% MR every year
Tail: +1 Initiative every year
Horns: Immune to Critical Hits

The giants of Niflheim once lived in a castle of ice and snow until the death knight Lord Ragnar arrived and imprisoned their king while chasing the giants away. But some years ago, the king was released by some adventurers who defeated Lord Ragner and allowed him to join them in their exploits for a while. Later on, the adventurers also rediscovered the secret of the Niflheim Giants: Their axes and their assignments as Protector of the Gate.

+7 STR
-1 DEX
+4 CON
-2 INT
-2 CHA

HD: All hp dice are d20
Size: Large
Movement 15, Burrow 3 in snow
Low-Light Vision
Languages: Giant
Axe Throwing: Can throw their special 2H axe 10 feet pr. STR
Missile Catching: Can catch any missile up to Huge size on a successful DEC check (DC 25)
Move Without Trace in snow