Under the direct command of King Esteve, the Iron Marshals maintain law and order in the city state of Isobar. They are also the city’s military force, and protect the population against the numerous threats from the surrounding region. And although their several thousand year old conflict with another city state, Stonevale, has been put on hold due to the impossibility of keeping any military armies alive long enough to cross the deadly areas between them, the Iron Marshals recently experienced a boost in their activity level and recruitment after a bastard prince working with Stonevale assaulted the king along with some powerful allies. The king was slain, but resurrected by the Iron Marshals, and the traitorous prince and his cohorts were run out of town. In addition, an upstart king, King Balthazar Ilvatu, declared war upon Isobar on several occasions recently. But although these events managed to rise the activity level of the Iron Marshals somewhat, it does not compare to when the mouth of Sauron, Anthrax Picard, approached King Esteve and told him to either surrender against Sauron’s might, perish under his heel or join him. Esteve joined, and became one of the Ringbearers, and the ranks of the Iron Marshals started growing tremendously while the citizens of Isobar awaited the dreadful start of the near approaching great war.

Antipaladin class

Lawful Evil
Religion NWP

Poison NWP

Turn Undead as regular paladin

Major spheres:


Smite Good – once a day pr. odd numbered level. Add you Marshal level to your hit and damage against a Good opponent.
Limited spellcasting – cast spells from level 1, but only 1 daily spell pr. spell level (plus bonus spells from high wisdom). in addition, the Marshal needs WIS and CHA 10+spell level in order to cast the spell (need 17 wisdom and charisma to cast lvl 7 priest spells)
Permanent Aura of Fear, 1 foot radius pr. lvl. Save vs Paralyze (DC 20) or suffer -2 penalty to hit/dmg/AC against the Marshal.
Permanent Protection from Good
Immune to Disease
Detect and Dispel magic cast by Good alignment at will (acts as Greater Dispel Magic, with a +1 bouns pr. Marshal level)
Immune to all Illusions
Immune to all possession and mental control (both Extraordinary, Spell-Like and Supernatural)

During the Steampunk era on the world of Apokolips, law and order was being maintained by the law enforcers of the twelve cities. Although plagued by violence and corruption, the law agencies were efficient in tracking down criminals and bringing them to justice.

Fighter Class

Proficient with Steampunk Sabre and Steampunk Blaster

Lvl    Abilities
1    Strong Mind (Ex)
2    Persuasive (Ex)
3    Blaster Parry (Ex)
4    Enforcer Training (Ex)
5    Telekinetic (Ex)
6    Increased Sabre Damage (3d8)
7    Strong Body (Ex)
8    Shocking Charge (Ex)
9    Initiator (Ex) (+4 initiative)
10    Sabre Defense (Ex)
11    Blaster Deflection (Ex)
12    Increased Sabre Damage (4d8)
13    Evasion (Ex)
14    +4 all saves
15    +4 all ability checks
16    Improved Shocking Charge (Ex)
17    +4 all proficiency checks
18    Increased Sabre Damage (5d8)
19    Improved Evasion (Ex)
20    Blinding Speed (Ex)

Strong Mind (Ex):
Add half your class level to all Wis, Int and Cha checks.

Persuasive (Ex):
A Cogburghian Knight might try to impose his will as a full round action against one or several individuals. Opposed Cha Checks (each opponent gains +1 bonus pr additional person the Knight is trying to control). The Cogburghian Knight gains a bonus to his rolls equal to his level (not cumulative with Strong Mind). Once any individual is controlled or saves successfully, that person is immune to further attempts for 24 hours.

Blaster Parry (Ex):
Your Sabre can be used to parry Blaster attacks. One free parry pr. attack. Normal Parry rules (DC=opponent’s hit rating+12)

Enforcer Training (Ex):
For every additional Enforcer within 30 feet, you get +1 hit/dmg/AC/saves.

Telekinetic (Ex):
Standard action. Move 10 kg pr. lvl up to 10m pr. lvl in any direction. Creatures get an opposed Wis check to resist. The Cogburghian Knight gains a bonus to his rolls equal to his level (not cumulative with Strong Mind). This ability deals 1d6 dmg pr. lvl to the creature or object moved, as well as whatever it is being thrown into (assuming the Enforcer moves it at maximum speed/force – it is possible to move things slowly to avoid any damage whatsoever)

Strong Body (Ex):
Add half your class level to all Str, Dex and Con checks.

Shocking Charge (Ex):
After any succesful Sabre attack, you can push your opponent 5 feet in any direction and can choose to step into his previous square at no cost.

Blaster Deflection (Ex):
Your Sabre can be used to deflect/redirect Blaster attacks. One free deflection pr. attack. (DC=opponent’s hit+20)

Sabre Defense (Ex):
You get one free parry attempt with your Sabre against all melee attacks.

Improved Shocking Charge (Ex):
Add 1 feet pr. class lvl to your push. You can only move into your opponent’s previous square. The opponent being moved must make a DEX check DC 20 or trip in the square he ends up.

During the Dragon Wars several thousand years ago, Zarovich, the Keeper of Blood, built a secret lair for himself on the frozen plains of Niflheim. And to guard the entrace, he chose the Niflheim Giants. These giants were provided with 1.000 mighty axes, one for each family. And one member of every family dedicated himself to becoming a Protector of the Gate. Millennia later, the war was only a myth, Zarovich was long gone, and the giants had forgotten their duty until an adventuring party searching for the lair freed the giants from the Deathknight Lord Ragnar’s tyrannical rule. While not able to save the dying Niflheim Giant king, they managed to hear his dying words: “Zarovich Bako”. Not knowing what it meant beyonfd”Zarovich guides my hand”, they asked other giants about it. And it turned out to be the trigger word for the axes the giants used to carry with them, as well as activating their Protector of the Gate class.

Protector of the Gate is a fighter class which is restricted to Niflheim Giants

Lvl    Abilities
1    +1 natural AC, Proficient with the Niflheim Axe
2    Power Attack
3    Nifleheim Axe II
4    Cleave, +1 Ability Score
5    +1 natural AC, Niflheim Axe III
6    Improved Toughness
7    Niflheim Axe IIII
8    +1 Ability Score
9    Niflheim Axe V
10    +1 natural AC
11    Improved Initiative
12    +1 Ability Score
13    Evasion
14    +4 Initiative
15    +1 natural AC
16    +1 Ability Score
17    Improved Evasion
18    +4 Hit rating
19    +4 Physical damage
20    +1 natural AC, +1 Ability Score, Epic Tougness

Major Spheres:
All, Protection, Guardian

Minor Spheres:
Combat, Elemental

The Niflheim Axes are artifacts,  2-handed Huge axes and can only be wielded by Large or bigger creatures. In the hands of anyone except Niflheim giants, they act as +1 Axes, dealing 2d10+1 dmg/19-20X3.

When a Niflheim Giant uses them, their powers change drastically:
+10 axe
+1 attack
+1 crit range
+X1 crit damage
DR +10/All
SR +10/All
+4 Initiative
Casts Heal on wielder every time it crits

If wielded by a Protector of the Gate, they bestow the following in addition:
+5% MR pr. Protector level
All damage is maximized
Protectors can take 10 when trying to hit with it
Axe of returning when thrown

Labartu is an evil demigod under Lucifer, ruler of the 4th layer of Hell. Labartu priests are scheming priests who mostly concern themselves with spying, intrigues and knowledge gathering on a state level.

Major Spheres:

Granted Powers:
Lvl 1:    Alter Self once a day pr. lvl
Lvl 3:    Pass without trace once pr. 3 lvls
Lvl 7:    Seeming (self only, wiz 5) twice a day
Lvl 10: Polymorph Self (wiz 4) twice a day
Lvl 15:    +4 on all Charisma checks
Lvl 20:    Shapechange (wiz 9) twice a day

Cha 15
Wis 12
Must have: Acting, Disguise, Fast Talking, Information Gathering

Bonus NWP: Seduction, Spying, Statecraft

An alchemist is an individual specialized in alchemy, chemistry and the marvellous world of potion making. Any class can choose to become an alchemist, although wizards might be best suited since a lot of the alchemist’s work depends on his intelligence.

INT 18
WIS 15
Secondary Skill: Scribe
Alchemy, Chemistry, Reading/Writing

Advanced Alchemy, Advanced Chemistry
Once an alchemist learns how to make potions, he can add 20 to the DC in return for being able to research and create potions while adventuring, as long as he has brought a portable travellers lab kit. Such a kit costs 10 times its actual worth in order to function properly, but also reduces the creation cost of potions by 50%, and will not run out of resources.

Example: Tim, the adventuring alchemist, has brought his portable kit in order to create Healing potions. A Healing potion costs 200g to create and demands at least a kit worth 200g (in order to research the actual potion, Tim needs a kit worth 2.000g, but let’s assume that he spent 2.000g worth of resources at his lab to do just that). A kit worth 200g costs 2.000g to create, but once Tim has such a kit, the cost of every Healing potion is only 100g, and those costs are taken from his copper/silver/gold/platina/gems, NOT his kit. So the kit will never decrease in value, although Tim might run out of actual gold to pay for his potion making.

Lvl    Abilities
1    Add class level to Int based proficiency checks
2    Transformation: Copper
3    Bonus INT based NWP
4    Transformation: Silver
5    Able to Take 10 on any Int based NWP
6    Bonus INT based NWP
7    Transformation: Gold
8    Transmutation: Copper
9    Bonus INT based NWP
10    Add WIS bonus to INT based proficiency checks
11    Transformation: Platina
12    Brew Potion Feat, Potion Maker NWP
13    Transmutation: Silver
14    Transformation: Gems
15    Bonus INT based NWP
16    +1 Intelligence
17    +1 WIS
18    Bonus INT based NWP
19    Transmutation: Gold
20    Eureka!
25    Transmutation: Platina
30    Transmutation: Mithril
35    Transmutation: Adamantite
40    Transmutation: Starmetal

Transformation: This ability allows the alchemist to transform certain metals and objects into materials useable for his own research and creations, reducing his need for obtaining obsure materials. The maximum worth he can transform every day equals his class level in the various metals (a lvl 3 Alchemist can transform 3 copper daily, a lvl 4 can transform 4 silver and a lvl 14 can transform 14 gems).

Transmutation: The alchemist gradually discovers how to make precious metals out of seemingly nothing and anything as he advances in level. Once he learns transmutation, he can create his class level in kilos of the various metals pr. month (A lvl 20 alchemist can manufacture 20 kilos of metals monthly, and chooses himself how much of that will be copper, silver or gold).

Eureka!: The alchemist disovers the hidden secrets behind potion making and do no longer create broken potions on a natural 1 (although 1 is still a failure and 20 is success). This means that the player rolls all Potion Maker proficiency checks himself from now on. In addition, whenever the alchemist creates a potion (any potion, even epic ones), he creates 1d4 potions instead of just 1. In addition, the alchemist is granted Augmented Alchemy epic feat for free. The alchemist is also the only class who can benefit from this feat when it comes to creating potions.

Paladin Class

Shieldmaidens are female paladins trained to protect others, a task they take seriously. You would be hard pressed to find a more suitable bodyguard, but if they are not ordered into duty by their superiors, the Shieldmaidens only offer their services out of loyalty.






Level            Abilities
1        +1AC pr. lvl (Su), reroll one save pr. day
2        +2 DR/All pr 2 lvls (Su), reroll one ability check pr. day
3        +3 hit on shield parry pr. 3 lvls (Ex), +1 all saves pr. 3 lvls
4        Intercept attacks against friendlies within 5 feet pr. 4 lvls (must parry blow or take full dmg), parry 1 extra attack pr. 4 lvls, reroll 1 parry attempt pr. day
5        +1 shield parry pr. 5 lvls, +1 on ability checks vs harmful effects pr. 5 lvls
6        +2 Initiative pr. 6 lvls
7        Add total Charisma to AC (Su)
8        Any shield worn grants +50% MR, +Wis modifier AC and is unbreakable (Su)
9        Protective Stance – Every round you do not move during your own turn, you gain Con modifier to AC until your next turn (Ex)
10        +4 natural AC (Ex)
11        SR +10/All
12        Sturdy – Any successful save or ability check which reduces a harmful effect, yields no harmful effect
13        +5 all saves and ability checks against harmful effects
14        You are allowed a save against effects which have no save, save vs Death DC 35 (Ex)
15        Can intercept 1 harmful single target effect pr. round against friendlies within 20 feet (must save or face full effect) (Ex)
16        If successful save against area effects, friendlies within 20 feet also save successfully (Su)
17        The first killing damage (not effect) every day is fully absorbed (Su)
18        Any killing damage on a friendly within 30 feet can be redirected to the Shieldmaiden (Su)
19        Any armor worn grants +50% MR and +Str mod AC (Su)
20        Max HP

Epic Levels        Abilities
25        Ignore dmg/effect from any one source once a day
30        Ignore dmg/effect from any one source once a day
35        Ignore dmg/effect from any one source once a day
etc        etc