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We had saved the wild world, like we do with all worlds we visit. Everything was ready for our return to our homeworld, but as usual, Mokferouso had to read some book for several days before we could leave. With Romana deteriorating by the minute, i felt it is a bit selfish to set ones own reading need in front of something like that. But Mokko is what he is. We traveled to the hypergate and Romana punched the correct coordinates and got us back to the city of union, or CoU as Mokferouso likes to call it nowadays.

As expected we were met by the city guards when we came through the portal, and they strictly but politely escorted us to the union council. I tried to reason with the council and even with our mighty gifts, they would not listen to reason. I wonder how someone so rigid and square ever got the right to live, even less to lead someone. Its total madness as I see it. But at least they let us enter the Plane of trials to helt Romana finis her insane quest, before we got our 6 month ban from the city. We found Romanas employer without any problems, we handed him a mighty cube with unlimited possibilitys, and we got a berry in return, fair trade. He started fiddling with the cube and one could see a grin growing for each move he made on the cube, untill suddenly the grin turned to a pout. Surely he had fucked it up, a portal opened and som hiddeous creatures came through and draged him with them back through the gate. I only got a short glimse, but the other side of the gata didn`t look too pleasant. Believe me, ive seen hell, even endured it, but this looked like a worse kind of hell. So good luck to you mate and thanks for the berries.


And thats that, poff, we were at the Lilly of the west. Arthemis` decayed pub. Our arrival emptied the facilities in a mather of secunds. But the “barkeeper” managed to say that Innia wanted a word. So, with the cast of a mundane mass teleport, we all suddenly found our selves outside of Innias castle. The guards paniced and ran for their lives. Stupid, if i wanted them dead, running wouldn`t have helped them one bit. We entered the castle and Innias throne room.  All of the important people in the resistance was there. The congregation looked shocked when we entered. Like we were some kind of ghosts. They said word of our deeds have been whispered in the darkness. But no one was sure if it was fact or fiction. Well I can tell you all its not fact, we are indeed as awesome as the storys would have it, and maybe even more so. The resistance told us about their army and what we are up against. I have been fighting against some of these people before, and i can`t help but wonder. Where did thei massive armies go? When i was up against them they were many times the amount of soldiers. Strange, i think some of them are holding back at us.

But the real problem, besides the obvious Sauron, is Shelob and her 100000 eggs. If these eggs hatch, the dragons will annihilate any resistance. But i have a joker up my sleve. A scroll that i haven`t told anyone about. This scroll will asure the destuction of Shelob and all her offspring. So once again the burden of turning the tides falls on the friendly neighbourhood necromancer. If i succeed, it will raise the moral for our troops, and devastate Sauron and his feeble troops. Sauron might be wary of me, so he might have something planed for me. This might be the last adventure for Anthrax the little boy from Isobar, one last task.

So Shelob, would you honor me with this last dance…….







Of course, Arthemis managed to release the trap, activating all the golems in the library. Arthemis went in for the kill, without thought as usuall. While Mokko changed into that golden lizard. Flying high in body and spirit. Me, I took a ready action. Mokko seemed to be their focus of atention, naturally given his size. But I also noticed that Arthemis was having a bit of problems, slaying these golems. Strange, since he rarely has problems slaying anything. The rest of the crew, ran for the exit. I desided to give Arthemis a helping hand, in form of some boosting spells, but this went terribly wrong. This freaking wild magic thing created a portal to the plain of air instead, and through the gate, came what must have been the mother of all air-elementals. The wind was so strong that it liftet almost everything and everyone from the floor, tossing us around. As if the golems wasn`t bad enough. But Mokko came to our rescue, killing the elemental. I could se it in his smug grin, that he was extremely satisfied with his contribution. Even more than usuall.

When we were free to act, i noticed that Arthemis had managed to slay one golem. So I charged another group of golems myself. In the background I could hear the sound of Arthemis` swordplay, golem spears flying through the air and Mokko ranting on about how great he is, and how well this was giong because of him. Pretty full of himself. Sure he made a difference and a great contribution, but come on!

When things finally looked to be going our way, things suddenly changed for the worse. The golems were not planing to go so easy. They all melted toghether, 4 and 4, into supergolems. A quick look over my shoulder, and I saw that Arthemis was nowhere near hitting the supergolem. So I figured that was my que for exit. Arthemis also took to his senses, and left in a hurry. Mokko on the other hand, needed a bit more time to realise that he was outmatched. But eventually he came along.

We regrouped in the cave beneth the library. We desided to heal up, and enter the library again tomorrow.

The next day we all went back into the library, flying and invisible of course. When we entered, nothing happened. We headed for the pedestal in the middle of the room. Mokko hit one of the buttons, and a word appeard. he hit the other 7 buttons as well, and 7 words revealed themselves. The group shuffeled the words into a sentence. Mokko pushed the buttons in the order to get the sentence “Travel to the divine sky castle of Dragons”. And a portal appeared. Mokko of course took the credit for this team effort. We all went through the portal.

Suddenly they all complained about the cold. We were now at what looket like a ledge on a mountainside. And by the look of all the clouds around us, we were pretty high. Looking over the edge and down at the world bellow, I would say we were about 30 000 meters above sealevel. One could say we were on top of the world. On the other side of the ledge, there was carved out a 300 meter dragon mouth and in the mouth there was a gate. In front there was the skeleton of a 450 meter dragon, chained to the mountain. We traveled 200 meters onto the dragon mouth, and found the gate. The gate had some kind of hole in it, probably some sort of keyhole. But where is the key, I thought. And before I could make another thought, I was immersed in flames. In the distance I could hear Mokko shout “dragon breath”. In some mysterious way, we all survived.

Behind us we saw a 450 meter long Draconic Red Dinosaur Dracolich. And what do you know, in its forehead, an glowing item was embeded. And by the looks of it, it would make a exellent fit to the hole in the gate.

But we had to act fast. If we were to have any chance of survival, we had to take this lizard out before it got close enough for melee combat. Arthemis charged on against the Draco-lich. Seriously, that man has to hve a diagnosis of some kind. Nobody in their right mind would do that sort of thing! But he was to far, so he did not reach him. I cast a Globe of force around the injured members,, before hitting the Draco-lich with a Greater Ruin spell. It did massive damage, but was far from enough. Mokko followed wit one of his specialities, Fook`s sunray. This really did a number in the Draco-lich, but not enough to kill it. Te Draco-lich charged against us, but luckily it didnt manage to reach all the way. But it had another trick up its sleeve. The motherfucker casted a Mordekainens disjunction. This was sure to destroy all our items, even epic ones and artifacts. I just could not let this happen. So I used the Elder Wand and managed to dispell the disjunction before it could do any harm. Then suddenly the Draco-lich just fell to the ground in a big poof, and it was turned to dust. And by the dustpile, stood Arthemis. Sheathing his swords with a smug grin.

We retrieved the item from the dustpile, and put into the hole in the gate. And the gate opened. And behind the gate, was the last thing any of us would imagine. It revealed what looket to be the garden of eden. It looked like it was taken stright out of a bards tale. It was beyond beutiful, but still, I have a bad feeling about tis place…….


Anthrax the dispeller.




Knarg and I desided that we wanted to explore the ruins a bit. Wandering around in the old ruins, Knarg suddenly fell through the vegetation. I managed to smash my way through the dense vegetation to try an find Knarg. There was a big pool of some kind under there, so I found Knarg unconcious in the jaws of a ridiculously big crocodile, and there were 11 more of them there. They were though opponents, but i managed to kill most of them. Some of them fled through a tunell near the bottom of the pool. I managed to get Knarg back to the surface, and get him concious, but he was in real bad shape. But the battle wasn`t over. Suddenly lots of huge tentacles shot up from the water, and lashed at us. I managed to fight them of for a while, but with poor Knarg in such bad shape, he was an easy target. One of the tentacles grabbed him, and pulled him under. No way!! I changed into a Tarasque, and plunged straight into the face of the monster below. I gave it a flurry of blows, but I could not kill it, before it escaped in a cloud of inc and blood. But I managed to see that it escaped through the same tunell as the crocs. So I  was soon in pursuite. I entered a huge tunelling system, with lots of tunells coming from all directions, but the bloodtrail made the monster easy to track. Suddenly, I came into a huge cave, with a roof of galss, and what lokked like a magnificent library above. And in the corner of the cave, I found the monster, klinging to Knarg, and its life. But no mercy, I had to save my dear old friend. Knarg was in such a bad shape now, that after a quick diagnostics, I found out that I was forced to perform surgery on him, if I was to save his life. Fortunately, the surgery went well.

I also found a magic potion in the cave. If you drink the potion, you become a white werewolf. But not time for that now, we have a library to plunder.

With the help of spells, we managed to enter the library. All the bookshelfs were protected by some sort of glass. As a result, all the books lookes to be in mint condition. But looking around, I saw that there were dozens of these golden statues in the room. So I figured thet there was som kind of mechanism on the protective glass, that would activate them if not opened correctly. But what also caught my curious eye, was a great tome in center of the room. The label spelled “Codex Of The Demigods”. But something told me that opening the book would be risky, but with potential great reward. I took the chance and soon felt that this was a mighty thome. It nearly killed me. After reading for a day, I learned a lot, but I also felt that this was mentaly exhausting. I read in the book the next 12-13 days, and felt more powerful for each day, but the book was getting mentaly harder for each day, so I dared not read any more, case I felt I was about to loose my mind. So I will leave the book for now, and tell the others about it, so they also can get the opportunity to read. But now I have to figure out a way to open these glasses.


-Anthrax, reader of books.






We desided to explore the spiders lair, figured it would hold great treasures. But as we ventured through the tunel, all we found was a secret entrance to an old library. There we found some interesting books containing some information of teh black death. It seemed like it was the diary of a doctor, trying to find a cure, before it was too late. It also explained teh symptoms of the plague, wich I will not go into detail about. The book also mentioned that the queen of the catpeople had locked her self up in her chambers. She was also trying to find a cure. She was locked up in a airtight chamber, with air to last for a month. After reading the books, we ventured out of the library, and into the jungle, again. But as soon as we entered the fabulous jungle, with all the marvelous trees, plants, insects and animals, living togheter in perfect harmony. We stumbled upon a sabertooth tiger. We tried to avoid confrontation with it, but he pounced right on Arthemis, giving him no other choice but to defend himself. The tiger soon realised that Arthemis was no easy prey and disapeared into the vegetation in the blink of an eye.

We had a few smaller encounters on our journey through the jungle, but nothing Arthemis couldn`t handle. Then one night we saw some old ruins further into the jungle, we desided to investigate. Mabye there would be some more clues to the plague here I thought, while Arthemis said he was only interested in finding some mighty tresure. That greedy poultry. We explored the ruins, and suddenly stumbled upon what lokked like it could be the queens chambers. Looking for answers regarding the plague, we tried to enter. But it had no handles or anything, it just looked like a solid wall. In the hallway leading to the chamber, therewere also a whole lot of  suspicious looking golden statues. So I figured we needed a password, and with the statues in mind, we had to have the correct one at the first try. Arthemis used one of his magic tricks, and aquired the password. How he did it I don`t know and honestly, I don`t really care. The door opened, and there was a big puff of old dust, when the air entered the chaimbers. Inside we found the queen, sitting in her throne, as dead as they come. She had all her battle gear with her, and a big tresure. Before I could get a overview of the room, Arthemis was already digging his greedy hands into the tresure. And suddenly a enormous golden hydra emerged from the goldpile. How could he not have learned?!? But the hydra came to short as most others, trying to outmatch Arthemis. We also found some research writings left by the queen. So we will take a look at them at a later time. Now, the adventure must go on……

We had started on our return. It seemed that the paladin had got what she came for. On the first camp we split the loot from our trip. Mokko handed me a mighty wand, that we got from the dead wizard. On our return we passed through the little peoples camp. One of them had a keen eye on Athemis, and followed im when we left. It never left Arthemis side, flying around him and resting in his backpack. But after a few days, when we had set the camp, I saw it do something strange. It sat on Arthemis` head, and it looked like it draged a piece of his soul out of him, and ate it !?! I did not know how to react to this. But it seemed Arthemis did not sustain any harm from this insident, though he whined about being cold and freezing the next few days. But then suddenly one day, it seemed like Arthemises new love, pulled a piece of it`s own soul out and handed him. Arthemis ate it, and started glowing just like the little people. After that he never complaiend about the cold. And he said that he felt stronger than ever.

On the road we encountered some grusome dinos, but Arthamis made short work of them all. Then we passed by some ruins not far from our path. We desided to investigate. The ruins was some old temple. A big dome laced in gold revealed it self inside the temple. In the middle of the dome there were 6 golden statues in what looked like a circle of prayer. And in the middle of the circle was a hatch, with 4 locks on it. With the help of mighty magic, Mokko and Arthemis managed to get the locations og the 4 keys. Suddenly Arthemis disappeared, like he teleported. He was gone just a few minutes, before he returned with the 4 keys.

So we opened the hatch. Inside it looked like a well, going far under ground. We all jumped in and started to swim down. We swam trough several rooms in the bottom, before we came to a new room, with no water inside. But in the middle of the room we saw a big golden egg.

The egg was indeed magical. We dicused a bit about it, before we agreed that Knarg was the one to get the magic benefit of the egg. So he broke it, and it`s magic entered Knarg. The egg was now the size of a normal egg. So Karg put it in his pocket for safe keeping.

We then left the temple. heading back to the path. But suddenly the ground caved in under our feet. We fell down a huge cave, and those who can`t fly landed in a huge spiderweb. Out of a hole in the wall, a monstrous spider appeared. But Mokko some how managed to stun it, giving Arthemis the opportunity to do what he does best. So we got our self out of the cave, and continued our voyage.


Anthrax, your friendly neighborhood necromancer.