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Aikido originates from Den Gylne Keisers Rike, and is an unarmed combat style kept alive by secretive, closed family schools. The objective of Aikido is not to defeat your opponent, but rather to make sure everyone stays out of harm’s way. This is accomplished by turning your body movements fluid as water, thus making you a much more elusive target, while using the power and momentum of your opponent to your advantage.

Weapon Proficiency

You cannot dedicate any slots to Aikido until you have found an Aikido Master who is willing to teach you the most rudimentary techniques. Once you have been accepted as a student, you can continue your progression on your own. But in order to unlock the (much more effective and lethal) secrets of Aikido, you have to become an Aikido Fighter (fighter class).

Every proficiency slot in Aikido gives you +1 hit and +1 attack.
Aikido hit rating is not based upon STR, but DEX.
Aikido is a defensive art, and can only be used when you are attacked and unarmed. In addition, it requires that you do not wear any kind of armor.
If someone attacks you and scores a hit, you can use Aikido to try to counter the attack (DC = opponent’s thaco +12). If you succeed, you avoid the blow and can move either yourself or your opponent 5 feet in any direction. On a natural 20, you also end your opponent’s turn.
Aikido can be used against any opponent up to one size category larger than you.

The martial art of Jiu Jutsu was developed by the Shaolin Monk order, and quickly became known as the most effective defensive style when Shaolin monks started defeating all and any opposition in tournaments and contests (sumo wrestlers gave them a run for their money at first, but they soon adapted a more aggressive approach against the massive wrestlers). Another defensive art, Aikido, is practiced by some, but it has its shortcomings compared to Jiu Jutsu.

Weapon Proficiency

Anatomy Humanoids NWP

Using Jiu jutsu:
Whenever someone attacks you, regardless of whether they actually hit or not, you can chose to use an attack to try to counter their attack. normal parry rules apply (DC = opponent’s hit + 12). If your attack is successful, you negate their hit (with a few exceptions).

Only characters who start out in Vest, Solriket or den Gylne Keisers rike can chose Jiu Jutsu at level 1. Other characters either have to travel to said countries to learn it or practice under someone who knows the art already.
Jiu Jutsu cannot be used aggressively, only to counter attacks. And since it is an unarmed combat style,  you cannot be armed when using it. In addition, it cannot be used against armed opponents until you have designated 3 slots to the art.
Also, you can only use Jiu Jutsu against humanoids up to one size category larger than yourself.

When using Jiu jutsu, you get as many counters as the art allows you, and they do not count towards your attacks/actions the next round.

Jiu Jutsu and Specialization:
The first slot gives you +1 attack, +1 hit/dmg and +1 modifier on the Jiu Jutsu table.
The second and subsequent slots give you +1 hit/dmg/table modifier.
The third slot allows you to use Jiu Jutsu against armed opponents.

Jiu Jutsu Table:

Roll Dmg KO%    Maneuver
20    2    15    *Throw
19    2    10    **Pressure Point Strike to the head
18    1    10    ***Choke Lock
17    0    0    Grab
16    2    7    **Pressure Point Strike to the neck
15    2    5    *Throw, and the opponent must save vs Paralyze on his attacking arm
14    0    0    Regular Parry
13    1    3    ***Wristlock
12    1    2    ****Body Punch
11    0    0    Sudden Sidestep (5 feet in any direction)
10    1    1    *Trip
9    1    2    ****Low kick
8    0    0    Disarm
7    1    3    ***Elbow Lock
6    1    5    **Pressure Point Strike to the chest
5    2    7    *Throw
4    2    8    **Pressure Point Strike to the stomach
3    0    0    Sudden Leap (10 feet in any direction)
2    1    15    ***Choke Lock
1    2    20    *Throw

*The opponent ends up on the ground and must use a move action to get up or continue fighting on the ground.
**You take damage if you were hit, but can be quite powerful if you also know Dim Mak.
***See wrestling rules on Locks. Choke Locks also makes opponents pass out if they are unable to free themselves when it’s their turn. They die after 1/3 CON rounds if the lock is maintained.
****You take damage if you were hit.

Sumo wrestlers originate from the empire of Vest, where they enjoy a life of fame and luxury. But their life is not just all show and games – they can also be deadly opponents if they want.

Regardless of how weak a sumo wrestler is before he begins his career, his strength will soon rise to astronomical heights as he levels up. But his dexterity will sadly suffer, as will his weight and movement rating.

Fighter class

CHA 15

Can only learn bludgeoning melee weapons and bows (must be strength bows or they will break)
Cannot wear any armor unless it has been designed specifically for the sumo wrestler. Once he levels up, the armor must either be modified or it won’t fit anymore.

One of the highest ranking social classes of the Vest society.
Impervious to subdual damage.
Treated as a large creature with 4 legs during Overbearing.
A sumo wretler is considered to be armed at all times and all his attacks deal lethal damage (of course, they can choose to deal subdual damage during tournaments, shows and contests – unless they have a reason not to).

Lvl    Abilities
1    Sumo Wrestling, Sumo Lifestyle
2    +1 STR, -1 DEX
3    +1 DR/All
4    +1 STR, -1 DEX
5    +1 DR/All
6    +1 STR, -1 DEX
7    +1 DR/All
8    +1 STR, -1 DEX
9    +1 DR/All
10    Sumo Charge, +1 STR, -1 DEX
11    +1 DR/All
12    +1 STR, -1 DEX
13    +1 DR/All
14    +1 STR, -1 DEX
15    +1 DR/All
16    +1 STR, -1 DEX
17    +1 DR/All
18    +1 STR, -1 DEX
19    +1 DR/All
20    Sumo Slam, +1 STR, -1 DEX (this is the last level where STR and DEX is modified)

Sumo Wrestling: The only unarmed combat style a sumo wrestler can learn, is sumo wrestling. but what a great fighting style it is! Sumo wrestling deals 1d4 lethal bludgeoning damage, and every slot you gain gives you +1 attack/hit/dmg with your hands. Whether you push, punch, pound, swing or hammer away with those fists of yours, you do a truckload of damage! sumo wrestlers are the only ones who can learn this fighting style, and it is the only known fighting style which Jiu Jutsu cannot be used to counter.

Sumo Lifestyle: +10 kg bodyweight pr. lvl, -1 movement pr. 30 kg gained. +1 society point pr. lvl. If you ever leave the sumo wrestler class, your lifestlye sticks with you, causing you to gain more weight while losing more movement. And alas, your hard gained STR will recede by 1 point EVERY level until it is back at where it started before you became a sumo wrestler. Your DEX, however, will not increase.

Sumo Charge: If you charge someone during the first round of combat, you can take 2 movement actions, followed by a full round action of Sumo Wrestling attacks.

Sumo Slam: You can sacrifice all your attacks but 1 in order to make a single Sumo Slam attack as a standard action (if you are able to perform more than 1 standard action in a round, you can still only do one Slam every round). The Sumo Slam attack deals Crushing/Structural damage, and you gain +1 hit pr. attack you have sacrificed as well as all the damage the other attacks would have caused. This means that a sumo wrestler who has 10 attacks who all do 1d4+20 (just an example) dmg, can sacrifice 9 of his attacks to perform a single crushing slam which has a +9 bonus to hit and a 9d4+180 bonus to dmg.

Talona is the only known evil demi-god who follows the Eight Immortals. Therefore, even though his followers are often assumed to be demon worshippers, they are not. But they would probably be persecuted a lot more, was it not for the fact that The Black Fangs of Talona have specialized in giving advice to rulers and important persons, as well as keeping them alive by checking their food and drink for poison.

Any Evil
INT 15

Required NWPs:

Bonus NWPs:

Cannot Turn Undead
If the priest has a CHA of 12 or greater, he must tattoo himself in the face with demonically hideous patterns and images to be treated as having no more than CHA 11.

Weapons allowed:
All swords, maces and hammers, and a ceremonial dagger especially prepared with poison chambers.

Armor allowed:

Major Spheres:

Minor Spheres:

Lvl    Abilities
1    Accustomed to Poison
3    Identify pure poisons by smell
5    Identify poisons in drinks by tasting
7    Identify poison in food by tasting
10    Disease Touch
12    Hold Touch

Accustomed to Poison (Ex): +4 bonus on saves vs poison. If save is successful, poison has no effect. If fail is saved, poison has same effect as it would if a normal person saved successfully. Able to save against poisons which offer no save.

Disease Touch (Su): As a free action, the priest can cause a horrible, flesh rotting disease in any living being by touching it. The skin decays and turns green before pieces of flesh start falling off until the victim dies. Save vs Death DC 20 or lose 1 CON daily until death. This ability has unlimited uses daily.

Hold Touch (Su): as a Free Action, the priest can paralyze a target by touch. Save vs Paralyze DC 24, or be paralyzed for 1 turn.

The Picts are originally from Avalon, a fabled kingdom where King Arthur and his knights reigned from Castle Camelot. When Arthur and his men were slain by the demon Daliah, the whole of Avalon was transformed into treacherous swampland. And it stayed that way for almost a millennium, until the day a direct descendant of the old king entered Camelot and claimed it as his own. Brent Campbell of Breadalbane was his name, and the picts swore allegiance to King Brent. After Brent was crowned king, the swamps reverted back to forests and farmland, but the picts stayed the same. After a thousand years of living in the most deadly swamps known to man, they had become master survivalists.

+1 STR
+1 DEX
+2 CON
-5 CHA

Picts ignore hp rolls of 1-3.
All HD categories are one die size larger – wizards roll d6, rogues d8, priests d10 and fighters d12.
Low light vision
Infravision 120 feet
Move without trace in swamps and marshes
95% undetectable in swamps and marshes if they stand still
50% MR
Con bonus to saves (same as dwarves)
Immune to Fear

Bonus NWP:
Survival (swamp)
Sign Language
signaling (underground)

The trademark of the picts is their fondness of the dark and how they have adapted to it. In everything from the greyness of dusk to pitch black, they use their hearing and infravison in a form of blind-fighting which grants them +2 hit and AC.

The Black Sand Fighting Style is used by the Black Sand Assassins, and is unavailable for everyone else. The assassins can use all their WPs on this style if they want, and even though it is an unarmed combat style, its benefits work on exotic weapons as well.

When chosing the first slot on Black Sand Fighting, the Black Sand Assassin must choose between 3 different approaches. This choice cannot be changed later. The 3 variations of the style are:

Accurate: +1 hit/lvl
Damaging: +1 dmg/lvl
Defensive: +1 natural AC/lvl

The benefits from the first slot is either the bonus from Accurate, Damaging or Defensive, in addition to +1 attack/hit/dmg/AC and +1 range on the Martial arts table.

From the 2nd slot onwards, the Assassin gains +1 attack/hit/dmg/AC and one maneuver from Table 19 in The Complete Ninja’s Handbook. All Maneuvers in all Principal Merhods are available, but you still must have chosen all earlier Maneuvers in a Principal Method to chose one that comes later.

For every 5 slots taken, the Assassin also gets to choose between the following abilities:
Hide in Plain Sight
Freedom of Movement
Fast Healing 1/lvl
Vanish – once daily, disappear just before taking damage and reappear up to 5 feet/lvl with an automatic attempt to MS/HS
Improved Unarmed Strike
Stunning Fist
Ki Strike
Dimension Step – once daily at will, disappear and reappear nearby during your own turn, range is 10 feet/lvl
Ki Breath – hold breath for 1 turn/lvl daily
Ki Strength – increase STR by +5 one round/lvl daily
Ki Movement – able to walk on water 5 feet/lvl or through solid material 1 feet/lvl twice each daily
Ki Power – allowed a second save if the first fails, once daily
Greater Ki Power – requires Ki Power, allowed a save against effects which do not have saves once daily, save vs Death DC 20

The members of the Black Sand Clan are all orphans who are brought up at the secret headquarter of the clan and only released into the world when they are ready to start serving the Clan by assassinating all and any targets the Clan is hired to deal with.

Multiclass fighter/rogue/wizard/priest class

Requirements: Any Lawful

Bonus: Black Sand Assassins are proficient with all exotic weapons, and have +1 hit/dmg/crit range/crit dmg with all exotic slashing weapons.

Hindrances: You can never leave the class. Nor can you combine it with any other classes, since it occupies all 4 class types.

Major spheres: Any 4 spheres (pick yourself). No minor spheres.

Level    Abilities
1    Assassin Strike
2    Speed
3    Sharp Strikes
4    Shadow Walk
5    Strong Magic
6    Hail of Stars
7    Evasion
8    Whirling Blades
9    Puncturing Strikes
10    Improved Speed
11    Crippling Strikes
12    Improved Shadow Walk
13    Stronger Magic
14    Improved Hail of Stars
15    Fast Reflexes
16    Improved Whirling Blades
17    Improved Evasion
18    Armorpenetrating Strikes
19    Bypassing Strikes
20    Critical Vorpal Strikes

Assassin Strike (Ex): Backstab bonus is applied to the first attack of every round, +1 hit/lvl on that first strike.
Speed (Ex): +2 movement rate every other level
Sharp Strikes (Ex): Cut a limb on a critical hit on slashing attacks.
Shadow Walk (Ex): No movement penalty while using MS/HS
Strong Magic (Su): Your magic ignores half the MR of your target.
Hail of Stars (Ex): Standard Action: Throw 1d4+1 pr. 4th lvl small darts (each dealing 1d4 dmg) on every eligible target within 30 feet. You get one target pr. 4th level.
Whirling Blades (Ex): +1 attack on all slashing weapons
Puncturing Strikes (Ex): Your slashing attacks ignore half the DR of your target.
Improved Speed (Ex): +1 movement action
Crippling Strikes (Ex): The damage from your slashing attacks cannot be healed by Fast Healing or Regeneration.
Improved Shadow Walk (Ex): Undetectable while using MS/HS. Magical detection does not work, neither does Scent or Dragon Senses.
Stronger Magic (Su): Your magic ignores half the SR of your target.
Improved Hail of Stars (Ex): The stars deal an additional 1d4 dmg, and the radius doubles to 60 feet.
Fast Reflexes (Ex): +4 initiative, +4 on all DEX checks.
Improved Whirling blades (Ex): All your attacks are Whirlwind attacks.
Armorpenetrating Strikes (Ex): Your slashing attacks ignore the armor of your target.
Bypassing Strikes (Ex): Your slashing attacks ignore all magical protection (such as blur, etherealness, stoneskin, barkskin, etc.)
Critical Vorpal Strikes (Ex): Your slashing attacks beheads opponents on critical hits and deal regular critical hits to those who are normally immune to critical hits.

A Marksman is considered to be proficient in all ranged weapons, including throwing axes, ballista, catapults, cannons, etc. The first ability a marksman learns is Marksmanship, and all later abilities are only useable in concert with the Marksmanship ability.

Fighter class

Lvl    Abilities
1    Marksmanship
3    Damage is +1 die category
5    +50% range
7    +1 crit range
9    +50% range
11    +1 attack
13    +1 additional damage die
15    +50% range
17    +X1 crit damage
19    +50% range

21    +1 attack
25    +50% range
30    +50% range
31    +1 attack
35    +50% range
40    +50% range
41    +1 attack

Marksmanship (Ex): Full round action. Regardless of how many attacks the marksman usually has, he only gets 1 attack/arrow every round when using Marksmanship (no effects/bonuses/abilities/etc. can circumvent this). At level 11, he gets a 2nd attack, and a 3rd at level 21, 4th at lvl 31 etc. Using the Marksmanship ability adds +1 dmg pr. level to the shot, and he will never miss his target (which means that he will always hit what he aims for – as long as he can see it, but invisible opponents must be seen and ethereal creatures still have a 50% chance of being missed if the weapon isn’t Ghost touch, etc). Called shots for additional damage is not allowed when using Marksmanship. The Marksman still rolls the die to see if he scores a critical hit, and a natural 1 is still a miss.

From level 20, the Epic Sharpshooter’s hit rating with his personal weapon increases by 2 every level instead of 1, and his regular hit rating increases by 1 every level. In addition, every third level (lvl 23, 26, etc.), the Epic Sharpshooter gets to choose one ability from the following list (abilities marked with * can be chosen several times):

1: *+1 Initiative, +1 hit rating on ranged attacks and +1 arrow on One man firing squad
2: One man firing Squad can be performed every round, and there is no cooldown period.
3: If an Epic Sharpshooter is flanking his target, his backstab bonus is applied to the first shot of every round.
4: The hit penalty on Sniper Shot is removed, and WIS scores above 18 will help increase the chance to hit further (as pr. 3.5 Ed rules). No need to observe the target in advance, and one shot can be fired every round as a full round action. The minimum distance a Sniper Shot can be fired from is 30 feet.
5: *Personal weapon damage is even one die category higher. Die categories are as follows: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 2d8, 1d20, 2d12, 3d10, 4d10, 5d10, etc.
6: Sniper Shot will not automatically reveal the location of the Epic Sharpshooter. Instead, he needs a new MS/HS roll for every shot taken, with a -50% penalty pr. shot. Hide in Plain Sight cannot be used in the same round as Sniper Shot.
7: WIS bonus to hit rating is applied to all ranged attacks, and the WIS bonus to Sniper shot is doubled.
8: *+100% range and arrow damage on Sniper Shot.
9: Able to use any melee weapon, not just small ones.
10: INT bonus to hit rating.

Each Keeper is a living vessel for one of the six aspects of arcane magic; Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Metal and Blood. These Keepers are the direct offspring of Angelo, and their six eggs were located inside his body after he was defeated by his own parents, Silvereye and Daliah. In addition to being Keepers, the six draconic siblings are also the ancestors of all true dragons.

Size: Colossal, the body of each dragon is approximately 300m long
STR: 55
DEX: 55
CON: 55
INT: 55
WIS: 55
CHA: 55
Alignment: Neutral
HD: 250 (5.500 hp)
Movement: 360, Fl 1200 (C), Jp 90, Sw 360
#: 3 + Breath Weapon or Spell
Hit: +297
Claws: (1d10+42)X10
Bite: (6d6+42)X10
Breath Weapon: (2d12+22)X10 dmg, Save DC 33
AC: 379
Initiative: +23
DR: 1000/All
SR: 1000/All
MR: 500%
Spell Penetration: +500%
Saves: +138

Keeper Abilities:
No Feats, WPs or NWPs
Paragon Template
Cast spells as lvl 265 HD spellcaster
Breath weapon is a Free Action and useable every round
Cast Epic spells at will
Cast any arcane spell at will
Cast Miracle as standard action
All spells are maximized and all numerical values are tripled
Impervious to all spells and spell-like effects and supernatural abilities
All spells penetrate any MR
All spells are +120 DC
All spells are cast as lvl 240 spellcaster
No NWPs, WPs or Feats
All attributes at 40 (55 with Paragon template)
Impervious to all kinds of damage and effects from dragons and dragon-kin
Immune to Critical Hits
Immune to damage from non-artifact weapons
Immune to natural attacks and abilities from non-demigod creatures

Ilmater, Keeper of Fire
Breath Weapon: Cone of Fire, 10m wide at mouth, 100m long, 100m wide at end, bypasses Immunity to Fire (those immune take half damage). Immediately after dealing dmg, turns into a 288 HD Primal Fire Elemental (see Epic handbook) which starts attacking the next round and for 10 rounds before it returns to the Plane of Fire (if he breathes every round, he can have a maximum of 10 elementals with him at all times).
Spells: All fire based spells deal triple damage (on top of any other modifiers).
Immunities: Impervious to Fire and physical damage from fire-based/-dwelling/-using creatures.



Leira, Keeper of Earth
Breath Weapon: Gas Cloud, 100X100X100 meters. In addition to damage, another BW save DC 33 is needed afterwards to avoid turning to stone. Those who make the save have their base AC/hit/damage lessened by 5 for 24 hours due to a somewhat stony skin. As a side effect, their DR increases by 5 for 24 hours. These effects are cumulative, should Leira keep on using her breath weapon.
Spells: All earth based spells deal triple damage (on top of any other modifiers).
Immunities: Impervious to physical damage from earth-based/-dwelling/-using creatures, takes half damage from all damage sources from those standing on the ground if he too stands on the ground. Impervious to Earth based spells/effects.


Tymora, Keeper of Air
Breath Weapon: Poison Cloud, 100X100X100m. In addition to damage, save vs Death DC 33 or die instantly.
Spells: All air based spells deal triple damage (on top of any other modifiers).
Immunities: Impervious to physical damage from air-based/-dwelling/-using creatures, takes half damage from all damage sources from those in the air if she too is in the air. Impervious to Air based spells/effects.







Auril, Keeper of Water
Breath Weapon: Cone of either boiling water or ice, 10m wide at mouth, 100m long, 100m wide at end.
Spells: All water based spells deal triple damage (on top of any other modifiers).
Immunities: Impervious to physical damage from water-based/-dwelling/-using creatures, takes half damage from all damage sources from those in water if she too is in water. Impervious to water based spells/effects.





Tyr, Keeper of Metal
Breath Weapon: Acid Cloud, 100X100X100. All non-artifact metal objects rust to dust immediately, with no save (even if the wielder makes his save). Artifacts are not affected.
Spells: All spells which summon objects/creatures deal triple damage (on top of any other modifiers).
Immunities: Impervious to physical damage from automatons, constructs, gargoyles, golems and other non-living creatures (undeads not included), as well as all metal weapons/objects.

Zarovich, Keeper of Blood
Breath Weapon: Cone of Acidic Fire, 10m wide at mouth, 100m long, 100m wide at end. You need to be immune to both fire and acid to avoid this damage. Immunity to one does not reduce any of the damage. All non-artifact objects wither away with no save. Artifacts are not affected.
Spells: Living beings (with blood in their veins) take triple damage from all direct damage dealing spells (on top of any other modifiers).
Immunities: Impervious to physical damage from living beings (with blood in their veins). This does not include damage from weapons.
Special: Dealing melee damage to Zarovich exposes you to his fiery, acidic blood, which will deal the same amount of damage to you and destroy even artifact weapons without a save. Signature weapons are not affected.