Making 2D maps come alive using SketchUp

After posting some maps of Ismam, the desert city on reddit, someone asked how they were made. So here is short guide on how to get started transferring 2D drawings into a more lifelike version. In this guide, I’m going to use my map of a town called Cogburgh. 1. Just open up the program. SketchUp [...]

Rollespræll! Light

De Trondhjæmske Tusenknusere are making our own rules (yes, I know – stealing rules all over the place and calling them ours, it’s more or less the same, right?). Here is a rules light version rpg, only 3 pages of reading material. Feel free to try this and give some feedback on your [...]

On The Brink Of Extinction

We had saved the wild world, like we do with all worlds we visit. Everything was ready for our return to our homeworld, but as usual, Mokferouso had to read some book for several days before we could leave. With Romana deteriorating by the minute, i felt it is a bit selfish to set ones own reading [...]
lars monsen

Wild world – so long farewell…

Our job was done, the ancient plague was neutralized, and it was time for us, the mighty heroes from the material plane, to leave Wild World. Mokferuso thought this was an excellent idea, but had some work left to do. He hadn’t finished his study within The Codex of Demigod, so he spent 3 days and [...]

Another day in paradise

Ottamata knew this would be a day not like any other day he had experienced. For seven days he had prepared a nest, a home, a place to return to if his bode ever was killed. The universe would restore it, -he was sure. It felt right. His senses were sharp, his breath clear, his mind open. He rose, [...]

The Black Metal Transmogrifier

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. When Imperial scientists discovered that the Black Metal could be used to carbonize living being indefinitely, they also realized that they could trigger a dangerous side effect – a transmogrification process which replaced the subject’s skin with Black [...]

Miracle and Ancient Curse

Miracle and Ancient Curse are not really spells, but in terms of potency, they are a step above Epic Spells. Therefore they are not affected by antmagic, dead magic or wild magic zones. Miracle can duplicate any divine spell from level 1-7. It is also the only thing which will cure an Ancient [...]

The ship II

Mokferuso sat down at one of the computers, and his fingers magically touched the letters, thereby bringing text on the screen. After a while he realized one thing; the ship was without power, except from the emergency generator now activated. At level 6, however, he found a fault notification, so [...]

The ship

Mokferuso took a second glance at the Codex of the Demigods. It was tempting, calling his name, but the risk was high, -at least if one got to greedy. But confident of his own capacity, -and his ability to reroll an unfavorable dice, he opened the Codex. He was first hit by an intense pain; it was [...]
advanced potion making

“Riddles, -I love riddles!”

A vacuum appeared after the Watcher and the Guardian were slain, and the mighty heroes didn’t know exactly what to do with their spare time. Some started to study the library, but no one succeeded in their search for clues and information. Knarg and Arazaka flew to the dryads, to watch how the [...]
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